APM Application Dashboard

The Application Dashboard consists of eight tabs that help users study and manage their application portfolio throughout the application lifecycle. To access this dashboard, click Home, Dashboards, Application Dashboard.
The following image shows the Application Dashboard with all tabs displayed.
This image displays the Application Dashboard with all tabs.
The following page filters are available to filter data for each tab in the dashboard:
  • OBS–Filters applications by an OBS hierarchy.
  • Application Source–Filters applications by the source of the application.
  • Installation Type–Filters applications by the type of installation.
  • Application Vendor–Filters applications by vendor.
  • Software Category–Filters applications by Software Category.
  • Software Sub-Category–Filters applications by Software Sub-Category, which is dependent on the Software Category filter.
All portlets in this dashboard are prefiltered to show only the applications to which you have access.