Roles and Personas

Users in all roles can enhance their productivity using
. For ease-of-use we organize features by persona; however, users with the appropriate access rights can use other features. Your organization can configure
as required.
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Susan is a Chief Information Officer. She has to support the business today but also has to support its evolution an growth. She must be a trusted business partner helping her colleagues understand what is possible and then delivering it. She needs to know where they are acheiving the benefit outcomes from their initiatives. She has comprehensive investment management skills. She needs to keep an eye out for visual top-down planning.
Susan has the following pain points:
  • Respond to change more quickly | Need for accurate data and top-down planning
  • Enterprise innovation | Deliver the most value to the customer at the right time
  • Visibility that investment are aligned to strategy | Connecting work with long-term strategy
  • Time | Providing the right balance of innovation in an era of digital disruption
Susan wants to use
because the solution provides her with the following benefits and values:
  • A top-down, integrated roadmap connecting capabilities being developed today with anticipated needs of the future
  • A complete picture of investments across multiple time horizon
  • A method of visualizing and communicating a proposed set of objectives
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Product Manager
Jennifer is a Product Manager. She is an Application Owner. Owns
from a technical perspective for the organization. She knows product budgeting, customer insights, product features, team management. An expert at product planning, she knows how to maximize return on investment. She believes roadmaps are evidence of strategy. She needs to keep an eye out for product roadmaps.
Jennifer has the following pain points:
  • Communicating product direction | Visibility into the planned evolution of the product
  • Constant update of on-going and planned work | Complex software experiences
  • Time | Excel and PowerPoint configurations and layouts for communications, balance of managing customizations vs. out-of-the box functions
  • Maintaining proper user access
  • Provide relevant metrics to stakeholders
Jennifer wants to use
because the solution provides her with the following benefits and values:
  • Simple visual transparency to planned evolution of the product
  • Team collaboration and transparency for the product roadmap and vision
  • Productivity gains by not rebuilding roadmaps in PowerPoint and Excel
Recommended Topics:
Project Manager
Nicole is a project manager. She wants to manage projects efficiently. She is responsible for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project. She does not expect people to track every detail, as long as they are moving forward. She has to be ready for any question, anytime, no surprises.
Nicole has the following pain points:
  • Keeping everyone informed
  • Tracking people down
  • Removing obstacles
Nicole wants to use
because the solution provides her the following benefits and values:
  • A common set of tools and consistent approaches
  • Reduction of administrative overhead, allowing better focus on value add work
  • Greater visibility into her projects, and all the other projects that impact her
  • Greater responsiveness and improved ability to change – greater agility
Recommended Topics:
  • Clarity
    : Start a Conversation or Post a Reply
  • Clarity
    : Create, Open, and View Projects
  • Clarity
    : Project Documents and Links
  • Clarity
    : Measure Progress and Publish Project Status Reports
Recommended Topics:
Resource Manager
Derrick is a resource manager. He manages team members on multiple projects. He needs to keep an eye out for resource pools, staffing collaboration, and PM ratings. By strategically thinking about his team and their accomplishments, he has developed a successful process to help ensure that the right people with the right skills are assigned to the appropriate projects. He looks to the future to develop capabilities and capacity.  His team has gotten better at tracking their project time. However, in collaboration with Nicole, the Project Manager, he still has to remind the team to complete their timesheets. Ultimately, he wants to keep his teams happy and productive and let them own their work. With Barb, the Project Coordinator, he engages in conversations about staffing issues. He regularly communicates with his management team face-to-face, on calls, or through email to solve problems and provide status updates.
Derrick has the following pain points:
  • Forecast changes in headcount
  • Poor visibility into staffing conflicts
  • Unplanned activities
Derrick wants to use
because the solution provides him the following benefits and values:
  • Balancing demand and capacity on the fly.
  • Make better project selections with accurate team performance metrics.
  • The company optimizes its resource investments.
Recommended Topics:
Financial Manager
Rita Lee is a financial manager with experience in budgeting, projecting cash flows, and determining how to invest and finance projects. Rita is an expert in finance, forecasting, estimates, and projections. She knows how much the project is expected to cost and understands how to minimize financial risk. She has to keep an eye out for simplified financial planning.
Rita has the following pain points:
  • Having access to accurate, real-time data | Current data
  • Working with non-intuitive data systems | Complex software experiences
  • Creating her own tools | Excel configurations
Rita wants to use
because the solution provides her the following benefits and values:
  • End-to-end financials for cost plans
  • Create new cost plans, update existing ones and select from among multiple attributes
  • Deep financial details into projects with the ease of a spreadsheet
  • Easily perform thorough cost-plan analyses and drill down into transaction details
Recommended Topics:
Leverage the financial concepts in the documentation for the
Classic PPM
user interface—in general, these concepts still apply in
Portfolio Manager
Sid is a portfolio manager. Sid is responsible for funding and headcount alignment in the portfolio. Provides insights for strategic pivots. To deliver superior outcomes based on solid business decisions. He needs to keep an eye out for Roadmapping.
Sid has the following pain points:
  • Bottom up planning process that force planning too granular of a level | Visual top down planning
  • Lack of stakeholder shared understanding of the work | Visuals of priorities and investments
  • Time | Consensus on priorities without heavy use of PowerPoint and Excel
  • Traditional investment planning is cumbersome
Sid wants to use
because the solution provides him the following benefits and values:
  • Prioritize investments based on value before beginning detailed planning
  • Enables emphasis on innovation
  • Visualize and communicate a proposed set of objectives and gain consensus
  • View, pivot and sort investment information for a clear picture of investments being proposed
  • Visualize investment dependencies, seamless information sharing, and funding alignment
Recommended Topics:
Project Contributor
Mike Jones is a project contributor or team member. Contributors can include developers, engineers, architects, and other skilled resources. He wants to effectively collaborate, communicate, and avoid redundant work. He wants to collaborate in real-time with his team to get the work done, and ensure that progress is captured seamlessly. He has to keep an eye out for document management and improved collaboration.
Mike has the following pain points:
  • Working with distributed teams
  • Access to relevant team artifacts
  • Providing timely status
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