Getting Started With Clarity Mobile Apps

Learn more about the different Mobile App capabilities.
Are You Able to Access
On Mobile Devices?
has not introduced support for exclusive use on mobile devices. Administrators can decide if they want to encourage their
users to attempt to access the application on a mobile device.
does not officially support the use of mobile operating systems with either
Classic PPM
or Modern UX functionality; however, we are aware some customers are using portions of the product with varying and sometimes limited results. Although mobile devices are not supported, here is what your users might expect from attempting to use them:
  • We specifically set a minimum page width resolution of 1024 pixels for eventual support for tablet users. We do not allow resolutions below that standard. As long as your mobile device, like most tablets, supports this display size, then you could attempt trial use and self-assess your results.
  • Drag-and-drop, touch-and-move, swiping, stretching, and other touch gestures and events generally do not work.
  • Some user interface elements implement hover effects, specifically over column headers, icons, or buttons. These effects cannot be supported at this time in our Modern UX offerings if using mobile devices; however, they look great and perform well on traditional desktop computers with large displays and on laptops when not in tablet or touch-screen mode.
We do offer a mobile app for time entry and support the use of the TIBCO JasperMobile app.