XOG Services: InvokeAction API

The InvokeAction API is a general-purpose area for XOG administrative actions that fall outside the categories of data import and export. No corresponding schema (XSD) exists for this API and accordingly there is no XSD validation.
InvokeAction API Root Element
  • Process
    . This action schedules integration processes or initiates them in real time.
The Process element includes the following root elements:
  • code
    (Required) Identifies the process ID.
  • request
    (Optional) Identifies the root element of the process input document.
Example: Process Request
In this example, remedy_writeIncident is the process ID that is required to invoke the process action. A process may or may not include a request. An action can be invoked by specifying the process ID. This example includes a request.
<Process xmlns="http://www.niku.com/xog/InvokeAction">> <code>remedy_writeIncident</code> <request> <incidents> <incident assignedTo="jstewart" categoryCode="telcom" estimatedEffort="240" estimatedEffortUnit="MINUTES" externalId="tc421" impactCode="High" incidentCode="RMD-TC421" priorityCode="Medium" reportedBy="rcordry" resolutionDate="2005-03-03T12:30:00" sourceCode="REMEDY" startDate="2005-03-01T08:00:00" statusCode="Closed" subject="Phone system down" typeCode="incident" urgencyCode="High"> <description> Tried making call, no dial tone. </description> <notes/> <efforts enterOnce="true"> <effort quantity="3.5" quantityUnit="HOURS" resourceCode="jstewart" transactionDate="2005-03-03"/> </efforts> <contacts/> </incident> </incidents> </request> </Process>