Learn more about access rights, portlets, custom studio content, XML Open Gateway, and ERD diagrams.
Assign access rights, navigate to portlets, develop custom Studio content, migrate content using the XML Open Gateway (XOG), view ERD diagrams, and compare Oracle and SQL performance. Except for the glossary and portlet information, most of this content is for administrators, report designers, and application developers. 
Find schema information (database tables, indexes, and constraints) for both the product and the Data Warehouse (including the ERD diagram) on the 
Advanced Reporting and Database Schema Index
 page of CA Support Online.
Not all the
Classic PPM
documentation is translated into your language. Reference content is only available in English.
Customer Success Story: Toyota Financial Services Australia Maximizes Project Investments with
Toyota Financial Services Australia (TFS) provides products to Toyota customers worldwide. The company has a strong focus on collaboration and market-leading innovation. Delivering the change portfolio more effectively is a key objective for TFS. This means consistently delivering the right mix of projects, faster, and at less cost. Having high quality data to drive business decisions is paramount to TFS to meet its goals.
CA Project & Portfolio Management SaaS provides transparency from individual projects up to the entire enterprise portfolio.
helps TFS track project risks, costs, resources, and dependencies.
Click the following image to read their success story.