Clarity: Working with Pages

Administrators can now define a collection of pages in
. It provides a single place to access desired
or external application pages without being inside an object instance. This allows you to leverage the Channel functionality outside the object instance. Ensure that you have the Page – Navigate access right to access this page.
Follow these steps:
  1. In
    , select
  2. Select the relevant page to open it.
  3. Select the relevant module on the page to open it.
Some key points to remember while using Pages are:
  • Every page is associated with a blueprint. To learn more about blueprints for pages, see Clarity: Pages Blueprints.
  • Classic PPM includes the new studio object called “Page”.
    • Includes Instance, Global, and OBS access rights
  • Attributes in Page can be secured using Field Level Security.
  • Pages cannot be seen in Classic PPM.
  • You cannot define sub-objects for the Page object
  • Channels within a blueprint are limited to the same governor limit of 15.
  • In Classic PPM the “Page” object has the event enable flag. This is standard object configuration, but processes will not be supported with the Page object.
  • When setting security you will see two “Page” objects listed. One refers to the Classic PPM portlet page, and the other to the
    page. The description for the
    page will list “new user experience”.