View and Edit Resource Roles and Role Capacity

Use a role as a placeholder when you do not know the name of a resource, or when a resource is not available. You can staff a project with multiple instances of the same role. However, you cannot add multiple instances of the same named resource to a project. Role capacity is the role demand against the capacity of the resources that fill those roles.
You can view an aggregated view of all role demand whether generated by role-based team staff members or named resources using the role capacity page. Resources without a primary role are displayed on this page in the [No Role] row.
You can view:
  • Role allocation to this project and subprojects as opposed to allocation to other projects and over-allocations. Information is aggregated role-wise. The subproject allocates a specific percentage to the project.
  • Available role capacity for this project and its subprojects.
  • Role capacity both inside and outside of a scenario.
Follow these steps:
  1. From Home, click Projects under Portfolio Management.
  2. Open the project for which you want to view role capacity.
  3. Click Team and select Role Capacity.
  4. If a role appears over-allocated, click the name of the role to view the resource that is assigned to that role.
Edit Resource Roles
You can change a resource role on a project. The project role does not change the role that is identified in their resource profile.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open the project and click Team.
  2. Edit the project role for the resource in the Role column.
  3. Save the changes.