CA Harvest SCM Release Notes 14.0.1

CA Harvest SCM V14.0.1 is a patch update for CA Harvest SCM V14.0. This roll-up patch contains the following enhancements:
GIT Support for Multiple Branches
CA Harvest 14.0.1 provides the capability of synchronizing all GIT branches into Harvest (formerly this functionality was only supported on a master branch). Developers and administrators can now synchronize their private branch changes with Harvest and have Harvest versions created for the same.
For more information, see GIT Multi-Branch Synchronization Support.
Harvest SCM REST API Enhancements
The following two new REST APIs are added in CA Harvest SCM 14.0.1:
Delete Versions API
The delete version process when executed at a package level lets you delete all versions in a package. VersionIds can be provided to delete a specific set of versions.
For more information, see Package Actions API and Process Execute API.
Checkout for Browse API
This API is used to execute checkout for browse from a REST client. API returns a file in a zip or compressed format with the project name. For example:
file that contains all the items that you want to checkout.
For more information about other enhancements, see New Features and Enhancements.
Platform Support
  1. Windows 64-bit
  2. Linux 64-bit
Database Support
Operating System
Windows 64-bit
Oracle 18c ,19c , SQL Server 2019
Linux 64 bit
Oracle 18c ,19c
GIT Version Support
Operating System
GIT Version
Windows 64 bit and Linux 64 bit
For more information about how to install CA Harvest SCM 14.0.1, see Install CA Harvest SCM 14.0.1.