New Features and Enhancements

Application Test
Added SSL Support to webMethods Integration Server Services Test Step
SSL support was added.
Case Number: US426968
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Service Virtualization
Virtual Service Catalog
Case Number: F56339
Added a new Virtual Service Catalog that provides a central repository for viewing and sharing virtual services. From a single dashboard, you can quickly view the Virtual Service Environments (VSEs) and virtual services that are available across any and all Enterprise Dashboards that are currently running in your environment.
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Support Proxy servers for recording in Gateway mode - Recording Mode
Case Number: US428591
Added support for web proxy in gateway recorder.
Support Deploying Virtual Services from CA SV Community Edition
Case Number: US449302
You can now leverage virtual services created on SV Community Edition within CA Service Virtualization.  From SV Community Edition you can run a virtual service on a VSE. You can also monitor the virtual service progress and see the results from DevTest Portal. For more information about SV Community Edition, visit this site.
Application Insight
Execute webMethods Transaction Frame Step
Added a webMethods-specific version of the Execute Transaction Frame step. This version has two additional fields: Integration Server Port and Use SSL.
Case Number: US443929
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General/Common Components
IBM WebSphere MQ 9
Added support for IBM WebSphere MQ 9.
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Enhance API Functionality in Test Execution and Reporting
Case Number: F56546
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Improve Visibility of Key Data in the Enterprise Dashboard 
Case Number: F56343
Improved and elaborated the dashboard graphs, which now show transaction and virtual service consumption. 
Updated the following pages: Enterprise Dashboard Main Window
Email Notifications
Case Number: F56343 
Added the ability to set email notifications to inform users when certain usage milestones are reached.
Updated the following pages: Enterprise Dashboard Main Window
Improvement to the Return on Investment Calculator
The ROI calculator has been redesigned and elaborated in this release.
Case Number: US450290
Updated the following pages:
Add Fields to Performance Summary Report
Case Number: US442089
Updated the Following Page: