Getting Started

An overview of features and basic use of the product.
This section contains an overview of
 Portal, tutorials for each functional area of
DevTest Solutions
, and a glossary.
DevTest Solutions
consists of the following products:
CA Application Test
  • Provides an automated testing solution for distributed application architectures.
  • Allows product teams to design and execute automated unit, functional, regression, integration, load, and performance tests for multiple layers of a distributed architecture.
  • Allows automated testing at the UI layer and for the headless services behind the UI that provide business logic and data to the application.
CA Service Virtualization
  • Removes constraints throughout the SDLC by modeling and simulating unavailable or dependent systems.
  • Enables parallel development and testing to reduce cycle times, detect defects early and increase IT productivity.
  • Reduces demand for lab infrastructure and software to avoid costs and reduce configuration effort.
  • “Shifts quality left” for higher performance and less risk.