Using the APIs

 provides the following public APIs:
DevTest Solutions
 provides the following public APIs:
  • Using the Service Virtualization API v3
    This API was introduced in 
     10.5 and provides a more convenient way to create and manage virtual services. One of the principal differences is that the operations in this API use names rather than IDs for parameters. For example, the virtual service name rather than the virtual service ID.
  • Using the Virtual Services Invoke API
    This API lets you create and manage virtual services. You can create virtual services and add transactions by recording, R/R pairs, or a specification document. You can also export a virtual service as a MAR file.
  • Using the Test Invoke API
    This API lets you create and manage your test cases and suites. You can execute test cases and test suites as well as retrieve run data from your tests and test suites.
  • REST Invoke API
    This API lets you manage and monitor coordinator servers, simulator servers, and VSEs. You can also create a virtual service from R/R pairs.
  • LISA Invoke
    This is the original DevTest API that lets you run test cases, test suites, and model archives (MARs).
The following video demonstrates how to use the DevTest Solutions APIs to create, deploy, and manage virtual services.