How to prepare XSD, XML, WSDL, JSON, RR Pair File Types

Prepare test data
The following illustration shows the high-level process to prepare test data for XML, XSD, JSON, WSDL, and Request-Response Pair (RR Pair) file object types. This functionality is applicable only for the Microsoft SQL Server connection profiles.
To prepare test data for XML, JSON, WSDL, XSD, and RR Pair file object types, follow these steps:
You can also perform other actions on derived objects. You can delete data from all the derived objects or drop all the derived objects.
Request-Response Pairs
An 'RR pair' represents a request-response pair in the form of XML, JSON or text files. You can use the request and response files to create a relational schema. You can then use the same RR pair files to import the sample data into the relational schema. Additionally, note that RR pair files using .txt extension contain information in the form of HTTP headers and body, thereby providing support for REST format. For more information about the structure of .txt RR files, see the REST RR Pair Format section.
The following video provides an example of this process using an XSD schema to create XML files for testing: