Masking Settings

CA TDM includes predefined rules, that you can apply to the data masking process. To specify and customise these rules, click
Data Masking
in the navigation pane, then click
Masking Settings
Change settings on this page
The table on this page has three columns:
  • Option
    Name of the rule that you can apply to the data masking process.
  • Description
    A description of the rule.
  • Value
    The value (parameter) that the rule uses when it applies to the data masking process.
    If you enter a value that is not compatible with that Option, a warning appears to inform you of the correct format.
Before you enter any values in the
 column, the
column is empty. This indicates that this rule will not apply to the masking job, or the default value will apply.
When you have the Masking Settings how you want them, click
Start Masking
page opens.
Additional settings in
In addition to the settings you can change on the Masking Settings page, there are other parameters that apply to masking in the
file (in a default installation, this is at
C:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\conf
  • tdmweb.TDMMaskingService.pool.size=
    Defines the maximum number of instances of FDM that Portal initiates. Default: 4.
    We recommend not to exceed 4 concurrent instances of FDM, due to the additional load this can place on the TDM Portal host. See Masking Performance Optimization in CA TDM Portal.