Install Test Data Manager

You can use in the following ways:
You can use 
Test Data Management
 in the following ways:
      Full Application suite
      Test Data Management
       as a windows desktop application to get its full functionality. See Windows Installation Procedure.
      TDM Portal only
      From TDM 4.8, you can install the TDM Portal only, for the fastest access to the core Test Data Manager functionality. For more information, see Install TDM Portal for Windows.
    As a docker container 
    (TDM Portal only)
    Use the docker application to allow you to run 
    Test Data Management
     Portal as a container within this environment. See TDM Portal in docker Installation Procedure.
Windows Installation Procedure
Follow these steps:
TDM Portal in Docker Installation Procedure
Follow these steps:
  1. Install Docker application (see
  2. Download the appropriate Docker installation package from This can be either:
    •  Script package - run a script to download Docker images and load them into Docker.
    •  Image Bundle - run these images to start TDM Portal services.
    •  Image Kit - use this kit to build your own images.
  3.  You can skip this step and create a TDM Portal Oracle database container. This is for Advanced users, and this container should not be used with production data.
    (Image Kit only)
     Build the Docker images you need. For more information, see Build your own Docker images.
  5. Configure your docker-compose files. For more information on the TDM Portal Docker installation process, see Install TDM Portal for Docker.