Install Product Components

When you launch the installer, it lists all prerequisites and components and lets you choose which ones to install.
The GT Server installer installs all 
Test Data Management
 components and their prerequisites.
 The GT Server installer 
does not
 install the TDM Portal. For TDM Portal installation, see Install TDM Portal for Windows.
When you launch the installer, it lists all prerequisites and components and lets you choose which ones to install.
Notes on Installation
We recommend the following strategies for installing the product components:
  • Keep all of the prerequisites selected, even if you are planning a distributed installation of the product components. The complication of tracking which prerequisites belong with which components has a high margin for error.
  • Install only the product components that you need. However, consider that there are dependencies between components that you might not be aware of. The Datamaker UI provides links to several other components, such as GT Subset and Javelin. If you did not install these components, the links will not work.
    • Example: If you configure TDM Portal to use Datamaker for Self-Service publishing, ensure that the Portal and Datamaker are installed on the same server.
    • Example: If you want to publish from Javelin, ensure that Datamaker is installed on the same machine as Javelin.
  • You can install all product components on a single server as long as it meets the System Requirements. However, if you distribute the installation across servers, consider the aforementioned dependencies and only distribute the components that can run independent of other components. 
Installation Process
Follow these steps:
  1. Download and extract the files in the installation media.
  2. Right-click the setup_GTServer_
    .exe file and select 
    Run as Administrator
     to launch the installer.
    The installation wizard opens to the 
    Prerequisites Wizard
  3. Click 
    , accept the license agreement, and click 
    The Prerequisites page appears. This page contains all prerequisites and product components. If you already have any of the prerequisites or components installed, the installer detects this and clears the check box.
  4. Select the items to install on this server and click 
    The GT Server setup installs each prerequisite and component in the order listed.
  5. Consider the following points as the GT Server progresses through the installation:
    • When one installation finishes, click 
       on that installer and the GT Server automatically launches the next installer.
    • For typical installations, you can simply leave the defaults selected and move through each installer without changing any information.
    After all installers are complete, you have successfully installed 
    Test Data Management
  6. Verify the existence of desktop icons for the components Datamaker, EDI, Javelin and Fast Data Masker.
The GT Server installer creates installation logs in the Temp folder (%TEMP%). You can find the log files during both fresh installation and upgrade cases. A typical log file name has the following format:
For example, the 
GT HP ALM Service
 creates a file named "
GT HP ALM Service_1.2.3.4.log
" in the Temp folder during installation.