Install SQL Server Scramble Components

To use the scramble functionality of Data Subset, set up the following database functions and tables.
To use the scramble functionality of Data Subset, set up the following database functions and tables.
Prerequisites to Install Scrambled Components
To install scramble components, verify the following prerequisites:
  1. Verify that an SQL Server is installed.
  2. Verify users have privileges to create a database and tables, views, functions, procedures, indexes, primary keys, foreign keys, and constraints.
  3. Verify you have access to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio or Enterprise Manager.
Use one of the following methods to create your starter SQL Server database:
  • Method 1: Use a simple database attach command.
  • Method 2: Use standard utilities to perform a full import of data.
Method 1 Installation
  1. Copy the file scramble.mdf to your sql server standard database file system.
  2. From SQLServer Management Studio, right-click the Databases icon and select Attach.
  3. Enter the database name (gtrep) and add in the file gtrep_test.mdf
    A log file (suffix .ldf) is added.
  4. Click OK.
    If there is a log file error, delete the log file entry, and click
    When you attach the MDF file and you get an access denied error, place the MDF file in the default BACKUP directory of the MS SQL Server instance and retry from there.
    Example of the BACKUP default dir location:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.SQLEXPRESS64BIT\MSSQL\Backup
    The database is attached and is ready to be used as a starter repository.
Method 2 Installation
The SQL Server administrator is required to create the GTREP database and run the batch file to create the necessary tables.
  1. Start
    Management Studio/Enterprise Manager
    , and log in to the
    Database Engine
  2. Click
    , right-click to show the menu with the option
    Create Database
  3. Enter a Database name. For example, "Scramble".
  4. Set all options to default, except for
    Initial Size
    1. For the database file in the
      PRIMARY Filegroup
      , set
      Initial Size
      (488MB) and
    2. For the log file, set
      Initial Size
      (1744MB) and
  5. Click
Add Tables, Views, Functions, Procedures, Indexes, Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, and Constraints
  1. Open the file GTFUNCTIONS.sql in a query window.
    The file is in the directory:  C:\.....\datamaker_scrambleinstall\scrambleinstall\MSSQLSERVER\2005-2008-2012 directory, or 2000 for SQL Server 2000.
  2. Choose
    from the database drop-down.
  3. Click the
    icon on the toolbar to parse the SQL.
  4. Verify that you get the message
    Command(s) completed successfully
    in the
  5. Click
    to execute the SQL.
    There should be no errors in results. Verify any warning messages that appear.
Add the Data
  1. In the Command Prompt window, enter the following command, and click
    Entry Key
  2. Use the one of the following parameters:
    • REFDATA username password server target_database [owner] > refdata_log.txt 2> refdata_errors.txt
    • REFDATA TRUSTED server target_database [owner] > refdata_log.txt 2> refdata_errors.txt
      The bcp commands runs for all tables in the Scramble database
  3. Perform a
    Find on Error
    to verify that no bcp commands failed in the refdata_log.txt file.
  4. The file refdata_errors.txt captures any errors from the DOS Commands.