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Applications Manager

A powerful and flexible process automation and task scheduling tool for distributed environments.

Automic Automation

Automic Automation is a product suite that provides workload automation for IT services across diverse platforms, applications, and operation systems.

Automic Automation Intelligence

Collect historical run data for the purpose of both predictive and historical analysis in your job scheduling environment.

Automic Continuous Delivery Automation

An end-to-end solution for planning, coordinating, and automating software release processes.

Automic Process Automation

Design, test, manage, and report on automated processes that support IT operations and production environments.

AutoSys Workload Automation

End-to-end visibility of application workloads and dependencies across platforms.

Nolio Release Automation

Reach zero-touch application deployment anytime, anywhere.

RA Banner AWI

Accellerate Allusian Banner through automation.

RA Banner LC

The RA Banner Agent is designed to work with Applications Manager and Automation Engine. It includes special panels for Connection objects, Agents, and Jobs.

Dollar Universe

Workload automation solution assuring 24/7 decentralized event-driven operations for IT processes in their environments with a centralized administration.

CA Plex

Speed up multi-platform, model-based application development.

Request Manager

Allows users to request schedule changes, once approved they applied automatically.

Sysload Monitor

An incident management tool, as-well-as an IT service availability indicator. It provides concurrent management of IT infrastructure events directly linked to business processes.

Workload Automation AE and Workload Control Center

Orchestrate business tasks so critical processes can run automatically and continuously.

Workload Automation Agent Monitor

A Web based monitor for Workload Automation engines and agents status.

Workload Automation DE

Simplify cross-enterprise workload automation.

Workload Automation Advanced Integration for Hadoop

Visualize and manage dependencies of Hadoop and traditional jobs from a central location.

Workload Automation DE Web Client

A Web-based graphical user interface to define, monitor, and control enterprise workload across different geographic locations.

CA Workload Automation iXp

Improve decision-making accuracy with real-time content.

Workload Automation Advanced Integration for SAP Business Warehouse

Automate and manage business processes in SAP Business Warehouse.

Workload Automation Advanced Integration for SAP Solution Manager

Reduce complexity and centralize the management of installed SAP systems.

Workload Automation Agent for SAP

Extend workflow scheduling capabilities and improve the visibility of SAP.

Workload Automation Agent for Micro Focus

Incorporate Micro Focus JCL and COBOL programs into Workload Automation.

Workload Automation Agent for Application Services

Workload Automation Agent for Databases

Execute SQL queries and stored procedures against a relational database.

Workload Automation Agent for Informatica

Schedule Informatica jobs from Workload Automation.

Workload Automation Agent for Oracle E-Business Suite

Integrate Oracle Concurrent Manager requests and request sets into Workload Automation.

Workload Automation Agent for PeopleSoft

Execute and monitor Peoplesoft programs from Workload Automation.

Workload Automation Agent for Remote Execution

Execute workload on HP Integrity NonStop (Tandem), and OpenVMS from Workload Automation.

Workload Automation Agent for Microsoft SQL Server

Integrate with SQL Server Agent, a component of Microsoft SQL Server, to automate administrative database tasks.

Workload Automation Agents Documentation

Workload Automation Agents extend the capabilities of the Workload Automation solutions.

Workload Automation System Agent

Workload Automation System Agent allows schedulers to automate, monitor, and manage workload across a range of platforms.

Rapid Automation Agents

Rapid Automation Agents establish the connection between Automic Automation and the application or operating system where Jobs are processed.

ESP dSeries Workload Automation

Simplify cross-enterprise workload automation.