Installing the Remote Agent

The second step is to install the Remote Agent by running the
After defining the Remote Agent in
Applications Manager
, the next step is to install the Remote Agent by running the
script on the remote host.
In the event an Agent makes a database connection directly (i.e. OAE Agent, Banner Agent, or any direct database connection), you need to copy the
file to the
directory of the Agent. You can get that file from your
directory or the Oracle website.
Run the Install Script
On the host where you want to install the Agent, run
from a staging directory. The installation script creates the required directories and moves the programs into the proper directories.
During the installation process,
Applications Manager
displays default values in brackets [ ]. The values will be different for each system. You can accept the default values by pressing the Enter key at the prompt, or override the default values by typing in a response and pressing the Enter key.
To install an
Applications Manager
UNIX Remote Agent:
  1. Log into the
    Applications Manager
    UNIX account on the remote host, and if necessary, change to the directory where you want the
    Applications Manager
    Remote Agent installed.
    You must be logged into the
    Applications Manager
    UNIX account and be in the
    Applications Manager
    directory for the installation procedure to work correctly. Moving the files after the installation is complete requires some effort. It is best to install into the correct directory in the first place.
    If you transferred files to a staging directory, verify that all the
    Applications Manager
    files are owned by the
    Applications Manager
    UNIX login and group. If they are not, the installation will fail. Use the
    commands to modify the ownership if necessary.
  2. From the directory in which you want the Agent installed, run
    on the host.
    Be sure to set permissions for the
    After completing the initial install, you can run
    and bypass
    by typing:
    sh agentinstall
    program can be used to modify the current agent-related parameters for the
    Applications Manager
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts.
  4. After completing the installation script, enter the command as shown below to establish the proper environment, or log out of UNIX and back in.
    . .profile
    The following lines have been added to
    during the installation process:
    AW_HOME=/apps/appworx_a;export AW_HOME . /apps/appworx_a/site/sosite
    Applications Manager
    Environment Variables in
    , not in
  5. Start the
    Applications Manager
    processes using the
    command on the Remote Agent.
Verifying the Installation
After you complete the installation, start the
Applications Manager
network listener, obtain the authorization key, and start the
Applications Manager
Automation Engine and Agent processes/services, you should verify that the
Applications Manager
Remote Agent is installed correctly and ready to start processing tasks. A good test is to run an
Applications Manager
Job, such as TEST_JOB on the Remote Agent and view its output files.
For detailed instructions on running the TEST_JOB, see Verifying the Installation.
Installation Complete
You have verified the Remote Agent. This is the last step in the installation procedure