Bug Fixes

These are the bug fixed for AAI version 6.0.1
The following known issues apply to
Automic Automation Intelligence
  • Fixed an issue with the published
    topic where a transitionType of REPLACED_BY_REAL_RUN was missing the
  • Fixed an issue where unselecting the 'Make this jobstream available for monitoring and alerts' for jobstreams did not actually remove the jobstream from Monitoring.
  • The
    script has been deprecated and removed from batch/examples.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Job Dependency Graph panel from displaying properly
  • Resolved an issue that prevented correct displaying of jobstream runs in the Analysis panel when
  • Moved the
    parameters from
    hidden named parameters
    less commonly configured
  • Resolved an issue with the Configuration tool that resulted in locking out the AAI DB user due to too many failed login attempts when the AAI-stored password for the user was not correct.
  • Correctly handle ON_ICE predictions for each AutoSys version.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented multiple custom job dependencies from being added to an AutoSys job that had an existing AutoSys job dependency.
  • Resolved an issue that resulted in a persistent constraint violation while writing to the JobStreamRun_JobRun table.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in automatically generated AutoSys/IWSz cross-instance job dependencies being incorrectly removed.
  • Fixed an issue with wiring of historical jobstream runs for IWSz.
  • Eliminated an IllegalArgumentException that occurred when events were received for a job in a Pending state. The runs will be saved, but no prediction will be done.
  • Resolved a persistent failure while updating Tidal job runs due to an incorrect regex substitution that resulted in a string overflow while processing file job dependencies.