Release Notes

Summary of enhancements, fixes, and open issues.
CA Process Automation
 is designed to speed the delivery of IT services while helping to remove manual errors. By defining, automating, and orchestrating processes across organizational silos that use disparate systems, 
CA Process Automation
 helps improve your productivity while enforcing standards. You can automate IT processes across multiple organizations and systems, reduce service delivery time, and enforce standards and compliance policies across departments.
Review the Release Notes before you install or upgrade to 
CA Process Automation
CA Process Automation
 Product Page
The  Product Page includes the following information to supplement this DocOps Platform:
  • The latest ca-process-automation.aspx product news
  • Product status, including third-party software and operating system compatibilities that were released after publication of this DocOps Platform
  • Access to ca-process-automation.aspx downloads that include patches, documentation, and localization updates
  • Knowledge Base updates
Support Engagement Guidelines 
 ca-process-automation.aspx support is available to licensed customers through CA Support Online in the following circumstances:
  • The core product installation reports errors.
  • The product abends, reports errors, fails to initialize, or exhibits degraded performance.
  • Core product functionality does not perform consistently with the information in the DocOps Platform.
  • You have a question about upgrading from a previous release or about ca-process-automation.aspx integration with other 
    CA Technologies
CA Technologies
 can also help you with the following items:
Use the following resources for assistance in these situations:
Supported CA Process Automation Releases
See the End-of-Service and End-of-Life notices under News on the ca-process-automation.aspx  Product Page for information about releases that are no longer supported.
See Installing for a complete list of supported platforms and requirements for the ca-process-automation.aspx components.