Fixed Issues in 12.1

This section includes issues that are fixed in CA Workload Automation DE Release 12.1:
This section includes issues that are fixed in CA Workload Automation DE Release 12.1:
Unable to Open Security View in Admin Perspective
Problem Record:
If a user has only the
ADMIN.Security Files.*
permission, the user is unable to open the Security view in the Admin perspective.
This issue is fixed.
Failed Job Reports Show Incorrect Job Count
Problem Record:
The failed job reports show incorrect job count due to duplicate job records in the ESP_GENERIC_JOB table. In this issue, duplicate records are written whenever you issue the Reset Definition job action command.
This issue is fixed.
Active Applications are Retained in Database After the Normal Cold Start
Problem Record:
When you perform the normal cold start of the server, the server retains active Applications in the database instead of deleting them. Also, the server retains incomplete Applications even though the server instance parameter
Remove incomplete applications history at cold start
is set to
In this issue, the Applications continue to execute but you cannot view or force complete them in the Monitor perspective.
This issue is fixed.
Multiple Primary Servers are Running and Processing Workload in the High-Availability Mode
Problem Record:
Multiple primary servers are running and processing the workload in the high-availability mode, without communicating with each other.
This issue is fixed.
EVAR Symbolic Variables Not Resolved When Used in JavaScripts
Problem Record:
The EVAR symbolic variables are not resolved when you use them in JavaScripts. Hence, the JavaScript compilation fails.
This issue is fixed.
Application Simulation Shows Incorrect Values for Symbolic Variables
Problem Record:
If you specify the same symbolic variable in more than one job, the Application simulation output shows incorrect values for symbolic variables.
This issue is fixed.
Application is Triggered More Than Once by File Trigger Event
Problem Record:
The File Trigger Event triggers an Application more than once for a single file creation. This issue occurs when the file trigger AFM message is processed multiple times.
This issue is fixed.
Job in WAIT/PREDWAIT State Goes to OVERDUE State Despite Resetting its Dueout Time
Problem Record:
When you increase the dueout (overdue if not completed by) time of a job in PREDWAIT or WAIT state, the job goes to OVERDUE state instead of staying in PREDWAIT or WAIT. In this issue, the job ignored the new dueout time.
This issue is fixed.
Standby Server Goes to Database Reconnect Mode
Problem Record:
When the database connection fails, the standby server goes to the database reconnect mode.
Hence, the following issues occur:
  • The standby server stops the high-availability components; takes over the primary role as it cannot communicate with the primary server.
  • When the primary server is started, both the database restarter and the standby server try to start the high-availability components simultaneously.
These issues are fixed.
AFMs Pile Up in Database When Load Balancing AFMs are Sent to Inactive Agents of Agent Group
Problem Record:
When an agent group uses the CPU selection criteria, the load balancing AFMs are sent to inactive agents of the agent group too. As the agents are not reachable, the AFMs pile up in the database. Also, the new AFMs are sent for every server restart, causing the pile-up.
After the fix, the load balancing AFMs are sent only to active agents of the agent group.
Jobs Use Application-Level Run Frequency Although Application-Level Default Setting is Disabled
Problem Record:
Jobs use the Application-level run frequency although the
Use Application-level defaults
check box is not selected in the job definition.
This issue is fixed.
Events with No Calendars are Not Listed in the Desktop Client Console When Updating the SYSTEM Calendar with Special Day
Problem Record:
When you update a SYSTEM calendar with a special day, the Desktop Client Console does not list all the Events that are using the SYSTEM calendar. Typically, if no calendar is specified explicitly in an Event, the Event uses the SYSTEM calendar by default.
In this issue, the Console lists only the Events that are defined explicitly with the SYSTEM calendar. The Events with no calendars are not listed.
Security Permission Error Occurs When Accessing the Browse Functionality in Big Data Jobs
Problem Record:
When a user uses the file or directory browse functionality in the job definition section of any Big Data job, the following error occurs:
Unable to process your request. Ensure you have adequate security privileges.
The error occurs when the user has APPLX permission only for the Application with which the job is associated.
This issue is fixed.
Resource Not Released When a Job Completes
Problem Record:
When a job that is assigned with a resource is completed, the resource is not released. Hence, the dependent job that holds the same resource is stuck in RESWAIT state.
This issue is fixed.
Symbolic Variables Not Resolved in Remote Execution Jobs
Problem Record:
If a Remote Execution job contains symbolic variables in the
Remote Commands
section or the
Submit Modifier
page, the symbolic variables are not resolved and the job moves into failed state.
This issue is fixed.
Admin Topology Shows Incorrect Description in the Authentication Systems Summary
Problem Record:
Authentication Systems
summary in the Admin Topology shows incorrect description, while the
Authentication System Definition
page shows the correct description.
This issue is fixed.
Application Generations Missing When Retrieved from the Oracle Database
Problem Record:
On Linux, the server running with the Oracle database has failed to retrieve some of the Application generations. This issue occurs due to the corrupted APPLLUMP AFM.
This issue is fixed.
Server Shutdowns When Receiving Invalid AFMs from Agents
Problem Record:
When an invalid AFM with null characters is received from an agent, the server running with PostgreSQL database is shut down. This issue occurs due to mandatory query execution failures.
This issue is fixed.
Event with the Do Not Trigger If Active Option Impacts Triggering of Application by Other Events
Problem Record:
If an Application is triggered by an Event with the
Do not trigger if active
option selected, the Application cannot be triggered by other Events.
This issue is fixed.
Calendar2 Overrides Holiday Dates in Calendar1
Problem Record:
When you specify two calendars (Calendar1 and Calendar2) in an Event, the dates of holidays or special days in Calendar1 are overridden by Calendar2. This issue occurs when the names of holidays or special days in both calendars are the same.
This issue is fixed.
Details of SAP-Job Copy Jobs Not Found in Database Table
Problem Record:
The common job attributes of the SAP-Job Copy jobs are not found in the ESP_GENERIC_JOB database table.
This issue is fixed.
External Jobs Always Inherit Application-level Notifications
Problem Record:
External jobs do not have an option to customize notifications. Hence, external jobs always inherit the application-level notifications.
This issue is fixed. The
section is now available in external jobs.
Period Options are Disabled When the Every Option is Selected in the Job Run Dialog
Problem Record:
When you select the
option in the
section of the job
dialog, the options in the
section are disabled.
This issue is fixed.
Unable to Locate Jobs in Monitor Perspective
Problem Record:
Sometimes, the
Locate job in Graph
job action command in Custom Views does not work. You might have to issue the command twice to locate the job in the Application's graphical flow view. Also, when a job is highlighted in the graphical view after issuing the command, it is not focused. Hence, you might have to zoom in and scroll over to find the highlighted job. This issue occurs in both the tabbed and detached custom views in Monitor perspective.
This issue is fixed.