Getting Started

An overview of features and basic use of the product.
Release Automation (Nolio)
is an enterprise-class, continuous delivery solution that automates complex, multi-tier release deployments through orchestration and promotion of applications from development through production.
Release Automation (Nolio)
improves visibility across the enterprise deployment chain, and provides a continuous delivery solution to address critical DevOps challenges. IT operations, development teams, and application owners can use
Release Automation (Nolio)
tools to help:
  • Speed up application release cycles
  • Improve business and operational agility
  • Simplify and standardize application release processes to reduce errors and increase the quality
  • Reduce application deployment costs
  • Promote collaboration and alignment between Development and Operations
This section provides an overview of the documentation Workflow, the
Release Automation (Nolio)
user interface, and the following concepts:
  • Workflow
  • Objects
  • Infrastructure
  • User Interface