Reference materials for developers working with the product APIs, CLI, and custom action development tools.
Release Automation (Nolio)
provides multiple ways for developers to interface with the product. The CLI and APIs enable users to retrieve data and execute processes and releases designed and published in
Release Automation (Nolio)
without invoking the user interface. The RDK and SDK let developers write their own custom actions and import them into the product.
Release Automation (Nolio)
developer tools are detailed in the following sections:
Provides a command line interface to invoke processes and deployments.
Use the SOAP API to configure, execute, and monitor process runs.
Provides the APIs and DTOs to retrieve data and execute processes and releases published in
Release Automation (Nolio)
Use the RDK to develop custom actions that you can invoke using CLIs, REST APIs, and scripts. The RDK lets you quickly create action packs without having to write detailed code.
The custom actions SDK lets you develop custom actions using an Eclipse plug-in and a Java API. Use the SDK for more complex action development use cases that you cannot fulfill using RDK functionality.