Deployment Automation

Automate the deployment of software in your environments.
The core workflow in 
Nolio Release Automation
 includes two parts: application design and application deployment.
Application Design
The Designer creates the objects required to deploy an application, including:
  • Application model
  • Server types and components that represent the architecture of the application
  • Processes that use actions, flows, and parameters to represent the application deployment logic
  • Artifacts required to deploy the application
  • Environments to which to deploy the application
For more information, see Design Applications.
Application Deployment
To deploy the designer application, you create deployments using the following objects:
  • Deployment templates that compile created processes as deployment steps
  • Projects that represent a sprint or other development milestone
  • Deployment plans that associates the deployment steps with an artifact package
  • A deployment that deploys the deployment plan to any number of environments
For more information, see Deploy Applications.