CA Common Components Release Notes

Use the CA Common Components DVD to install the following common components:
Use the CA Common Components DVD to install the following common components:
  • CA Embedded Entitlements Manager (CA EEM) Release 12.51 CR05
    • CA Workload Automation AE 11.3.6 SP5 and previous releases do not support the CA Workload Automation AE Command Sponsor and CA EEM 12.51 CR05 being installed on the same computer. CA EEM 12.51 CR05 is supported in all other environments.
    • For the latest CA EEM support information, see the CA Embedded Entitlements Manager Compatibility Matrix on the CA Support website, This document lists the following:
      • Supported operating systems
      • IPv6 support
      • FIPS 140-2 compliance
      • Section 508 compliance
      • Third-party products that CA EEM supports
      • Embedded CA Technologies products that are shipped with CA EEM
  • CA Secure Socket Adapter (SSA) 2.4.0
  • Event Management r11.2 SP2 CUM1
  • CA, Inc. Common Communications Interface (CAICCI) r11.2 SP2 CUM1
  • Management Command Center r11.2 SP2 CUM1
    On Windows, you cannot install Management Command Center using the CA Common Components DVD.
  • CAPKI 5.2.0
Third-Party Software Acknowledgements - Release 11.3.6 SP6
This product uses third-party components. Download the document locally so you can review the license agreements. The attached text file is for Release 11.3.6 SP6.
The acknowledgements for third-party components used by CA Common Components in previous releases are in the acknowledgements.txt file that is located in the root directory of the installed product.