CA WCC Operating System and Database Support

CA supports the subsequent operating systems for the duration of their lifecycle (as determined by the operating system's manufacturer or until CA announces that we are dropping support). The supported operating systems are subject to change. For more information about compatibility and to see the latest operating systems supported, visit
  • The UNIX instructions in this document also apply to Linux systems unless otherwise noted.
  • The term Windows refers to any Microsoft Windows operating system supported by CA WCC unless otherwise noted.
Support on Cloud
CA Workload Automation AE Release 11.3.6 and later and CA WCC Release 11.4 and later (including the agents) are supported on the cloud with the following database limitation:
  • Amazon RDS and Microsoft Azure PaaS databases are not supported.
 Consider the following information when hosting CA Workload Automation AE or CA WCC on the cloud:
  • The CA Workload Automation WCC database should be hosted within the same environment as the CA WCC server for optimal performance. For example, hosting the WCC database on premise and the CA WCC on the cloud will most likely result in significantly longer response times.
  • Enable the ports that are related to CA Workload Automation WCC as well as traffic in the respective network.
  • In Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, ensure that the IP address is resolvable across the respective domains to enable proper communication between the CA Technologies products. For example, you can resolve the IP address by updating the host file, providing the DNS server details, or by navigating to EC2 configService settings > EC2 Service properties and selecting the Set Computer Name option.
  • We recommend that you host both CA Workload Automation AE and WCC in the same domain (for example, on premise, cloud).
Operating Systems
This section contains the supported operating systems.
CA WCC server supports the following UNIX versions:
Operating Environment
Supported Versions
SPARC 64-bit
libXtst is required.
You must install the following patch:
119963-04 SunOS 5.10: Shared library patch for C++ Nov/30/2005
SPARC 64-bit
libXtst is required.
An unzip application must be installed on the CA WCC server.
We recommend you use Solaris 10 update 5. Updates prior to update 4 will work only if you apply the following Solaris operating system patches: 125100-04 Kernel Update Patch, 120473-05 libc nss ldap PAM zfs Patch, and 125800-01 Fault Manager Patch.