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Agile Operations Analytics Base Platform

A common installer for DX APM, DX App Experience Analytics, and Log Analytics for common metric collection, storage, indexing, and reporting.

Agile Operations Product Integrations

View the impact of an issue across the entire process.

APM for Siteminder

Collect the metrics of CA SSO periodically and send to CA APM.

App Experience Analytics

Real-time insight into performance and user experience across mobile and web applications.

App Experience Analytics - SaaS

An analytics solution that provides complete visibility into digital performance and customer experience across mobile and web applications.

APP Synthetic Monitor

Monitor your Web performance with synthetic transactions.

Application Delivery Analysis

Improve end-user experience with end-to-end application response time monitoring.

Application Performance Management

A comprehensive monitoring solution across the end-user experience, application, infrastructure, container, and cloud services.


Design, generate, implement, and maintain applications with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

CA Experience Collector

Provide Browser Agent data to DX Application Performance Management and DX App Experience Analytics.

CA Virtual Multi-Port Monitor

Capture session-level packet data from a monitored data center.

Capacity Management

Enable organizations to maximize efficient use of data centers, to guarantee performance and availability of business services.

Digital Operational Intelligence

Run smarter, faster IT operations through algorithmic insight.


A comprehensive monitoring solution across the end-user experience, application, infrastructure, container, and cloud services.

DX Dashboards

DX Dashboards is a visualization platform that is designed to search, view, and interact with the data that is stored.

DX NetOps

Get unified, scalable AI-driven network triage and automation for traditional, SDN and cloud networks.

DX NetOps Mediation Manager

Monitor the performance of non-SNMP based devices.

DX NetOps Performance Management

Improve network monitoring and delivery of revenue-generating services.

DX NetOps Spectrum

A network fault management solution ensures the availability of critical network services, employing intelligent root-cause and impact analysis to identify, prioritize, and correct problems before they affect your business.

DX NetOps Virtual Network Assurance

Enable existing infrastructure management solutions to monitor software-defined networking and network functions virtualization.

DX Operational Intelligence - SaaS

A comprehensive SaaS-based monitoring and analytics solution.

DX Platform On-Premise

Central component providing underlying infra for managing applications, data storage, and orchestration on-premises.

DX Platform - SaaS

Link to DX Operational Intelligence - SaaS site

DX Unified Infrastructure Management

A unified, scalable AI-driven infrastructure monitoring for hyper converged data centers.

DX Unified Infrastructure Management Probes

Data collectors of UIM for monitoring hyper converged infrastructure in form on metrics, QoS, alarms, logs, topology, and dependency relationships.

ecoMeter for UIM

Retrieve energy and power data from data center devices.

Multi-Port Monitor

A powerful appliance that captures session-level packet data from a monitored data center.

Network Flow Analysis

Network traffic analysis with real-time visibility into the traffic throughout your enterprise.

Normalized Integration Management for Service Management

A solution that is built to consolidate and standardize the way CA products integrate with various service management systems.

Normalized Integration Management for User Management

Create users in Service Desk products with a normalized generic API.

On Demand Portal

Integrated access to our suite of IT Management SaaS offerings.

Remote Engineer

A tool for gathering diagnostic information.

Server Automation

Automate server provisioning to improve efficiency and accelerate IT service delivery.

Service Operations Insight

Unify the health and availability information from your domain management tools and align with your IT services.

Service Operations Insight Connectors

Extend Service Operations Insight connections to other products.

Service Operations Insight Monthly Update Kit

A list of updates or fixes.

Unified Communications Monitor

Actively and passively monitor call quality in unified communications environments.

Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Managers

Manage and monitor virtual and physical systems.