Work with Dashboards

This section provides the following information:
This section provides the following information:
View Metrics
For more information, see the section in the Kibana documentation.
Change Blueprint
You can change visualizations within blueprints. For more information about how to change dashboards and visualizations, refer to the following Kibana documentation:
If you save changes to blueprints, you will lose all the changes after an upgrade. To retain any changes to the default objects, save the blueprint using a different name.
Export Visualization Data
The data collected from a visualization can be exported into a CSV file. The raw or formatted data can be downloaded. The raw data is the data stored in Elasticsearch. The formatted data is the Kibana field formatters. To export visualization data, click 
 from the 
 options at the bottom of the visualization container.
Split By an Empty Field
You can split by an empty field by selecting 
Show partial rows
 in the 
 tab for each visualization. See the Kibana documentation for more about splitting fields.
This option is only available for the table visualization type.