Fixed Issues

This section lists the fixed issues in this release:
This section lists issues that were fixed:
Fixed Issues
Applications No Longer Accept the TRACE HTTP Method
The Trace HTTP method is disabled for improved security.
Unknown Crash Count Displays Correctly
In the App Crashes page, the counter for the Unknown crash type displays correctly.
Average Session Length Graph No Longer Displays Negative Value
On the App Usage page, the graph for the 
Average Session Length
 in the 
 section no longer displays negative values for Average Duration.
Session Start Time
The Session start time displays the correct start time in the App Sessions page.
The Think Time End Time is Displayed After the Page Loads.
On the Sessions Details page, the Think Time end time for Browser sessions is no longer discarded. 
Consistent Timezone Across the UI Components
The selected time zone is consistent across the UI components.
Session Details Page
The UI no longer sends an error message when the event values are Null.
RDBMS Performance on Aggregation Queries Has Been Improved
RDBMS performance improved on aggregation queries.
Network Performance Page Improvement
Improvements were made to the Network Performance page to improve readability.
Crashes and Errors Graph Displays Correct Date
When a custom date range is selected in the 
Crashes & Errors
 page, the graph in the Crashes section displays the correct date.
Fixed Progress Spinner for App Maps
App Settings
Active user count to load after Profile is loaded. 
Date Filter
The local time is no longer converted to UTC when the Date Type is set to Custom and the Aggregation is set to Hour.
Kibana Timeout Error in Data Studio is Fixed
Corrected the Usage Heatmap API
Gateway Timeout for /performance/url_summary
When you attempt to look at sessions that are tied to a URL, the data does not load.
i18n: Number Format Locale-sensitive 
The number format located in the sessions graph, displays the correct number format for the locale selected.
Calls to The HTTP Errors Page For Make and Carrier
Session Summary - JS Errors
The Sessions summary page no longer displays multiple the JavaScript errors.
BAExt.js for the Production and the Staging Servers is Fixed
The BAExt.js extension that serves the Production and the Staging servers is fixed and now matches the BA.js extension.
User Interface Fixes
URL Details in Session Details Page and Network Performance Page Match 
The URL details displayed on the Session Details page now match the Network Performance page details.
HTTP Errors Page Fixes
  • The link to iOS Error codes in the 
    Select the Error Type to View Error-Specific Metrics
     section of the HTTP Errors page is fixed to provide more information about the error codes.
  • In the HTTP Errors section of the Crashes and Errors page, the HTTP error average is displayed correctly.
Text Displays in English
Some UI text displays in English on the translated pages.