Known Issues

This section lists the Known Issues in this release:
This section lists the Known Issues in this release:
Deprecated APIs in Swagger
The following APIs are deprecated in Swagger:
  • /crashes/crash_summary
  • /crashes/crash_groups/occurrences
  • /crashes/crash_summary/{group_id}
  • /crashes/crash_groups/{id}
  • /performance/apps_summary
  • /performance/jserrors/url_summary
  • /performance/httperrorcodes
  • /sessions/{session_id}/usage/{metrics_type}
  • /crashes/crash_types_groups
The following deprecated APIs are broken:
  • /crashes/crashes_summary 
  • /crashes/crash_summary/{group_id} 
  • /crashes/crash_types_groups
  • /performance/apps_summary
  • /performance/httperrorcodes
APIs Removed in Swagger
The following APIs are longer available in Swagger:
  • /custom/attributes/{app_id}
  • /apimperformance/urls
  • /crypto/key/revoke/{appId}
  • /predictions/thresholds
  • /sessions/{id}
  • /sessions/{session_id}/usage/{metrics_type}
  • All Trails APIs
Error is Displayed for /performance/apps API
In the Reporting API section, when the timezone is not included for start_date and end_date, an error is displayed.
Application Map Link Does Not Display the Corresponding Application Map in Team Center
The Application Map link
App Experience Analytics
does not display the corresponding Application Map in Team Center. No business transaction is selected in the URL that is used.
App Name is Not Displayed in the All Apps Drop-down List
The Alerts page does not display the app name in the global filter sometimes. 
 Refresh the page.
User Count Inconsistent and User Count Percentage Inaccurate
Due to a change in the MAU calculation:
  • User count may be inconsistent across different links in 
    App Experience Analytics
  • User count percentage displayed under crash groups is inaccurate.
Symbolicator - iOS Crash Types Displayed as UNKNOWN Exception
When the Symbolicator is not installed, the crash type for an iOS app is displayed as 
Unknown Exception
 in the App Crashes page.
Transaction Graph is Not Represented Correctly 
When the transaction graph is not displayed properly, restart CA App Experience Analytics. 
Follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the 
     folder of the Agile Operations Analytics Base Platform installation directory. 
  2. Run the following command:
    ./ -axa
     For more information, see the documentation.
Negative Transaction Length Displayed 
For On Premise deployments, negative transaction length is displayed for a few of the auto transactions that crashed.
Unable To Edit or Delete the Default App Profile
The default app profile properties cannot be edited or deleted by design. To edit the data collection profile properties, create a profile, edit it, then save it with a different name.
Time Displayed on the 
App Experience Analytics
 UI and Kibana Are Different
App Experience Analytics
 displays time in UTC and Kibana displays in the browser local time. 
Crash Incident Filtering Results in Further Crashes
When you filter crash incidents, further crashes occur.
URL Performance Graph Does Not Reload
The aggregation API does not reload when you change tabs or filters on the 
Network Performance by URL
Incorrect Custom Metric Count Displayed
When there are multiple custom metrics in a single session, the custom metric count displays incorrectly.
Incident Related Alerts 
Alerts are not triggered when errors are generated in bulk.
Swim Lanes May Be Incorrectly Represented in the Session Details Page
Some Network Events Have Timestamps for The Next Session Start Time
Auto Transactions for WebView Pages Are Not Completed
App Startup Times for Mobile May be Incorrect
App User Retention Numbers Inaccurate
The User Retention metrics on the App Overview and App Usage screens are not displayed when filtered by the platform version and geo location.
Upgrade to 
App Experience Analytics
 17.3 Using The Installer Not Supported
The installer does not support upgrading to 
App Experience Analytics
 17.3. To upgrade, contact CA Technologies Support.
Session in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Is Window-Based
In Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge, a session is based on the browser window and not on the tab. When you right-click a link in a page to open in a new tab or a new window, it is considered as the same session. However, if you open a new blank tab or new browser window and access the same page, then it is considered as a new session. 
Duplicate Tab Does Not Contain the Referrer Tab
In Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge, a duplicate tab does not contain the referrer tab even if it is present in the original tab. 
Debug Mode Not Available
The Debug mode for app wrapping in Android is no longer available from the UI.
Browser Agent App Version and Carrier Information is Defaulted
The Browser Agent does not collect the app version and the carrier information. As a result, the app version is displayed as 1.0 and the carrier information is displayed as Web.
App Experience Analytics
 Trials - URLs Appear as Screen Names Under App Screens
In the App Screens, URLs appear as screen names.
Calendar Displays Chinese Characters
When you set your browser language to Chinese, some text in the UI is displayed in Chinese. Log out and log back in with some other language.
Browser Agent Geo Displays the Default Value
Kony App Wrapping Issue
App Experience Analytics
 wrapping process is static and can capture any network calls made natively in Java. If the calls are made in JavaScript, JavaScript is injected to capture those calls. Because Kony loads JavaScript and HTML using the  library, 
App Experience Analytics
 is not able to capture the network calls.
Microsoft SQL Server Database Is Not Supported
CA Technologies has determined that PostgreSQL should only be used for POC or trial purposes of 
App Experience Analytics
. Oracle DB is required for all production installations regardless of volume.
Issues with CA MCC Admin Page When Accessed on Firefox 
The CA MCC admin page does not load correctly when accessed on Mozilla Firefox. CA Technologies recommends using Google Chrome or Safari.
Network Performance, Crashes, App Screens Are Not Supported for watchOS Apps
App Flows
The following are the known issues for App Flows:
  • App Flows support only three levels (Starting view, First interaction, Second interaction, and Third interaction). The Zoom out feature is not supported.
  • App Screens displays watchOS data only when watchOS is selected in the filter.
  • If you navigate to the App Screens page directly without selecting the watchOS platform in the filter, App Screens displays information for iOS only. To view data for watchOS, select the platform as watchOS in the global filter.
Carrier Information Displayed as Unknown
The carrier information for Watch Only sessions is displayed as Unknown.
Incorrect and Higher App Startup Time Displayed for Some Sessions
In the App Sessions page, incorrect or higher value is displayed for some sessions. This results in the Average Session displaying an incorrect value.
Issue with Display of App Map
App Map does not display screenshots greater than 64 KB in size.
Issue with PLIST File Download
The PLIST file download occasionally shows a credentials popup. To work around this issue, clear the browser cache and retry. Alternatively, use a different browser.
Issue with Threshold Exceeded Section
The Threshold Exceeded section in the OVERVIEW page displays data only for CPU Usage, Crashes, Memory Usage, and HTTP errors.
Issue with Admin Console Wrapping
If wrapping of Android apk files using the 
App Experience Analytics
 Administration Console takes more than 10 minutes, use the
Issue Related to Display of GA Role
If a Global Administrator who is assigned scope over a fixed set of tenants tries to view the details of another GA who is also assigned scope over the same set of tenants, the role of the second GA is displayed as User.
Issue Related to Use of the Forgot Your Password Feature by a New Administrator or User Account
This issue is observed when a new administrator or a user (created in the internal database user store) uses the Forget Your Password (FYP) option to change the password. 
The new administrator or user has to change the password manually when they use this option. This is an expected behavior. However, when they log in with the new password, the system prompts them to change the password again. 
Microsoft Internet Explorer is Not Supported for 
App Experience Analytics
 Administration Console