March 2020 10.4

This release includes the following features and enhancements
Release Changes
DX APP Synthetic Monitor
10.4 release contains the following new features and enhancements:
  • Ability to configure an HTTP proxy at the monitor level.
    • Now you can use a
      custom proxy
      server while creating a new monitor or edit the existing monitor to use a custom proxy.
      Supported Monitor Types:
      HTTP, HTTPS, Fullpage, Webdrive
    • You must provide proxy details (protocol, address, port, username, password) for configuration.
  • Support for Basic Digest Authentication in the Webdriver monitor. For more information, see
    Authentication type
    in Webdriver Monitor.
  • Webdriver monitor supports all *Eval commands. For more information, see
    Supported Selenium Commands-10.4
    section in Build WebDriver Scripts.
  • Webdriver command-line interface supports an option to ignore SSL certificate checks. For more information, see Webdriver CLI.
  • Improved Jmeter Errors validation - better handling of 401 HTTP Response.
Issues Resolved
The following defects were fixed in the current release:
  • Querying an API script does not return the updated script.
  • Filter graph by location - fixed performance.