December 2020, 10.6

Release Date:
13 December 2020
This release includes the following features and enhancements, limitations, and issues resolved:
Features and Enhancements
The current release contains the following new features and enhancements:
  • Accessibility Support
    ASM is now WCAG compliant. All pages in ASM have accessibility support, Support for Screen readers, Keyboard navigation.
  • New Full Page Monitor Agent for Testing (On-demand only)
    The New FPM agent that is based on Chrome, is built on the latest tech stack to support modern web pages. It improves network performance and metrics accuracy.
  • HTTP / HTTPS Monitor
    Support for Negative network tests has been added. Users can now configure ranges of accepted HTTP/HTTPS status codes such as ‘400,403-404’.
  • Web Driver Monitor
    Option to enable ‘Quiescence’ to wait for all the active requests to complete before executing the next step.
  • A new version of On-Premise Monitoring Station(OPMS)
    10.6 version of OPMS available. Contains numerous enhancements and customer fixes.
  • Performance and Stability Improvements
    Improved performance of the monitor listing page for a huge number of monitors and folders. Improved stability of the scheduler to avoid gaps in logs.
The current release contains the following limitations:
  • Alerting
    Russian and Chinese phone numbers are blocked
  • All Public Tools Disabled
    Traceroute, Ping, DNS analysis, Check Website
Issues Resolved
  • Missing proxy in docker configuration (OPMS only)
  • Wrong proxy detection in Jmeter agent on CentOS / RH (OPMS only)
  • OPMS installer configures Docker proxy based on the System proxy
  • Certificate related errors in HTTPS monitor are final (no second opinion is triggered)
  • Empty metrics in Jmeter agent