Real Browser Monitor (RBM) for Firefox

Real Browser monitors have the following configuration options:
For the latest implementation of the Real Browser monitor for Firefox, see WebDriver Monitor.
Configure Real Browser Monitor
Real Browser monitors have the following configuration options:
  • Allow Browser to Make Requests to
    Specifies where the browser is allowed to make requests. Select from the following options:
    • The Site Domains Only
    • The Internet
    • Selected Domains
  • Deny Requests to Selected URIs
    Selects where the browser is not allowed to make requests. This setting can contain either a comma-separated list of host names, or a regular expression that is delimited by slashes.
    A regular expression must match the full URI string. For more information about supported RegEx constructs, see the Java documentation. Modifiers are not supported.
  • Disable HTML5 Media
    Blocks multimedia, for example, video and audio content, and saves monitor bandwidth usage
  • Script File
    Uses a recorded Browser Transaction (
    ) file
The following diagram shows the RBM workflow:
RBM Monitor Workflow
RBM Monitor Workflow
Collected Metrics Process
The following diagram shows the metric collection process of the Real Browser monitor:
RBM Monitor Metrics
RBM Monitor Metrics
Collected Metrics
Metric Name
Resolve (
DNS resolution time of the target host.
Connect (
Time to connect to the target host.
Processing (
Time for the server to respond.
Transfer (
Time to download the server response.
Total Time
Duration of the check. This check is performed without user interaction.
Download Size
Total size of all the downloaded content, for example, HTML, CSS, and images.
User Interaction
Extra time that is spent on browser actions for example, filling forms, clicking buttons, verify text assertions, and executing javascript/AJAX calls.
Grand Total
Total time of the whole check including user interaction.
Waterfall Chart
Script Step
Representation of embedded elements in a page, for example, images, and, CSS files.
Error Messages
For more information about possible error messages, see Error Messages.