Getting Started

An overview of features and basic use of the product.
Start monitoring your web performance with synthetic transactions from CA ASM.
Follow these steps:
  1. Create an account with CA ASM at and tell us the URL that you want to monitor for your free trial.
  2. Select the monitoring plan that suits your requirements.
  3. Define your monitors. As soon as the monitors are defined, they are sent to our international monitoring stations and we start collecting data.
  4. Take your monitoring to the next level with Full-Page Monitors, Monitor Scripts, and Real Browser Monitors.
Create an Account
To create an ASM account, go to our registration page and register for the free trial. You receive an email with your initial login details. Your first monitor is set up for you. Go to the dashboard to see the results.

Select a Monitoring Plan
To get the full benefit of ASM monitoring upgrade to one of the monitoring packages. You can also tailor the package to your needs. Select the package that suits your needs from the product plan page. Upgrade to your new plan.
Follow these steps
  1. In the main menu, select 
     My Current Plan
    , then select
  2. Select the plan that closest suits your needs and select 
    Next: customize
  3. Select more monitors and features and select 
Define Monitors
To define a monitor, specify the URL (web page) to monitor. Define how often you want the page to be checked.
 To verify that specific text appears correctly on the page, instruct the monitor to match strings or RegEx. You can also match text that should not appear on the page, for example, any text that contains 'Error'.
Follow these steps
  1. In the main menu, select 
  2. Select 
    New Monitor.
  3. Select a monitor type.
  4. Complete the New monitor form.
  5. Select 
    A detailed analysis of the new monitor appears.
  6. Select 
    The new monitor is active. If you set the monitor time delay to 5 minutes, you see the first result within 5 minutes.
Configure Alerts
If one of your monitors fails to meet your standards, ASM sends you e-mail or SMS alerts. ASM lets you fully define your criteria for triggering alerts and you can define who the alert is sent to.
Create Advanced Monitors
Create a script so that our monitor can test the functionality of your web page, for example, login or shopping cart. For more information, see Use (JMeter) Scripts to Test Web Servers (How to).
Use Full-Page Monitors to ensure all your Web 2.0 functionality is correctly displayed. ASM uses a real browser to load all the web page content. ASM shows you a download sequence report so you can identify any bottleneck in the user experience. To schedule Full-Page Monitors, go to Scheduling Monitor Checks.
You can access ASM data with applications using the ASM public API. See API Reference.
Monitor a Secure Environment (Intranet)
For secure Intranet installations, you can install an ASM monitoring station inside your environment. The On-Premise Monitoring Station provides all the functionality of ASM monitoring from within the secure environment. For more about On-Premise Monitoring Stations, see On Premise Monitoring Stations (OPMS).