Configure the Workstation

As an administrator, you can configure the following Workstation options:
Run Workstation in Verbose Mode
Run the Workstation in verbose mode to create detailed log messages that are helpful for debugging or troubleshooting.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open the file in 
  2. In the property 
    , replace 
    with the following statement:
  3. Save changes.
Redirect Workstation Output to a File
Set the file to redirect the verbose output messages to a log file.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open the file in the 
    /config directory.
  2. In the 
    property, replace 
    For example, this property setting causes the Workstation to log verbose messages to a log file:,logfile
  3. (Optional) Change the name and location of the Workstation logfile using the 
Configure Workstation to Supply Login Values
You can modify the Introscope_Workstation.lax file to supply login values to bypass the login screen.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open the 
    Introscope_Workstation.lax file.
  2. In the 
     property, add 
    commands for each login command to which to supply a value. For example, for local authentication, this property resembles the following statement: 
    lax.command.line.args=$CMD_LINE_ARGUMENTS$ -loginimmediate -loginhost foos -loginport 4503 -loginresponse sanderson,45tst87
 Do not delete the default value, 
 from the setting.
You are logged in to the Workstation and a Console opens. If login fails, the Workstation does not start, and an error message is logged.
Enable Session Timeout in Workstation
Automatic session timeout adds an extra level of security by logging out inactive users. Modify the file to enable the automatic session timeout.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open the 
    <EM_Home>/config/ file.
  2. Add the
    property and set the value (in minutes) to an integer greater than 0 to enable the session timeout. For example, the following statement enables a timeout after 60 minutes:
The session timeout is disabled by default (value=0).
Configure the Workstation for Asian-Language Reports
Add the following components to your Workstation installation to generate Introscope reports in languages that use multibyte character sets such as Chinese and Japanese.
Generate Asian-language Reports in RTF and HTML Formats
(Windows) Install the Supplemental Language Support to East Asian Languages. For more information about language support, see
Generate Asian-language Reports in PDF Formats
Follow these steps:
  1. Install the Acrobat Reader Asian Font Pack.