Configure Team Center Map

Transaction Trace data is the source of data for the Team Center Map.
Data Source
Transaction Trace data is the source of data for the Team Center Map.
For more information about map data, see TEC1275119.
Transaction Trace Sessions
Team Center map relies on the transaction trace data to populate the map. Therefore, it is important to record transaction traces to ensure that all nodes show on the map.
Incubation Time
Transaction traces wait in an incubator before they are processed to accommodate transactions that span across multiple monitored applications and to accommodate long running transactions. There are two incubators, the fast and the slow. By default, the fast and slow incubation times are set to 300 seconds and 1800 seconds respectively. These values can be adjusted in file.
# Specifies the duration in seconds that transaction traces for a particular
# transaction are held in a buffer after the first transaction trace for a
# transaction is received. = 300
# After all collected transaction traces for a transaction have been processed,
# the transaction correlation ID is then put into another buffer where it waits
# for this specified time in seconds before being processed again in case any
# new transaction traces from the transaction have arrived since the
# transaction was first processed.
#introscope.enterprisemanager.transactiontrace.arrivalbuffer.incubationtime.slow = 1800
The transaction traces that finish processing from the fast incubator get promoted to the slow incubator. At the end of slow incubation time, the Enterprise Manager checks for any missing part of transaction traces that arrived after the fast incubation time. The Enterprise Manager processes the missing transaction trace parts to show in the Team Center Map.
The nodes will appear in the map only after the incubation time has elapsed.
Testing and Validation
Mapping that is generated with Transaction Trace data has been tested and validated for the following components.
Java Agent (generic)
Java Agent - Apache Tomcat
Java Agent - JBoss
Java Agent - Oracle WebLogic
Java Agent - SAP NetWeaver
Java Agent - GlassFish
Java Agent - WebSphere
.NET Agent
PHP Agent
Node.js Agent 1
Browser Agent
Mobile App Analytics 2
Oracle Service Bus
  1. Testing shows that some cross-process correlations can be incorrectly assigned.
  2. We do not support the
    , and
We do not validate other extensions and integrations. Mapping with transaction trace data for untested extensions and integrations might produce anomalous results.