PHP Agent

The PHP Agent process consists of:
The CA APM PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Agent lets you monitor your PHP applications by providing continuous visibility and management into how each application performs. You can view metrics about how fast an application responds, and can analyze and pinpoint application issues. The agent collects and reports detailed performance information about transactions in both your PHP applications and the system environment where the PHP applications runs. The PHP Agent provides the following features:
  • Deep transaction trace visibility
  • Automatic frontend detection and monitoring, including frontend URL group metrics
    • Displays frontend URL group HTTP GET request metrics, which also display in transaction traces.
  • MySQL metrics
    Supported for these clients: MySQL (original), MySQLi (both object-oriented and procedural interfaces), and PHP Data Objects (PDO) interface
  • Oracle database metrics
    Supported client: OCI8
  • Custom instrumentation of the FrontendMarker, BlamePointTracer, and BackendMarker
The PHP Agent process consists of:
    Probe Agent
     – a PHP Extension module that monitors PHP applications and forwards data about the monitored applications to the Infrastructure Agent for processing. The data includes as method start and end events, timing data, metrics, and transaction trace snapshots.
    The Probe Agent is loaded through the PHP configuration on the web server and provides metrics to the agent which is collecting the data. You can run the PHP Agent on the same host or a remote host, depending on the resources on the PHP-enabled web server.
    Infrastructure Agent
     – a standalone Java process that collects, processes, and aggregates the data that the PHP Agent sends and transmits, then sends the data to an Enterprise Manager. The Infrastructure Agent installation includes a local installation of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
The following diagram illustrates this process in an on-premise setup:
APM PHP Agent Architecture
APM PHP Agent Architecture