Learn how to acquire and install CA APM.
As an APM administrator, you use installers and other files to install Introscope or CEM components. When you get ready for your CA APM installation or upgrade, download the correct installers for Introscope and CEM from the CA Support site. The major components of the installation are the Enterprise Manager, Introscope agent, Workstation, WebView, SmartStor, APM database, CEM console, and Transaction Impact Monitor (TIM).
The components run on various platforms and your deployment plan affects which components you install on which computers. The configuration settings that you specify during the installation include persisted properties files or other configuration artifacts that you can edit manually post-installation. Most configuration files reside in the <
>\config directory.
The APM environment that you deploy depends on many factors including the size and complexity of your network. Other factors include the number of web applications that you want to monitor using Introscope, as well as the number of web applications and web transactions that you want to monitor using CEM.
The following list provides an overview of the tasks that you perform when you install CA APM.
Determine system information and deployment
Prepare for the installation
Install CA APM
Install Options
After you install CA APM, you can install these options. Click the link for full details of installation for that option: