Integrate with DX Operational Intelligence

You can integrate DX Application Performance Management (DX APM) to analyze and correlate data and display the data on DX Operational Intelligence. The integration provides an end-to-end unified view of applications and services. The DX Application Performance Management integrates with DX Operational Intelligence using the DX Operational Intelligence plugin. This plugin sends the following data to DX Operational Intelligence:
  • Metrics
  • Alerts
  • Inventory
The following graphic shows a high-level overview of information about the data flow from DX Application Performance Management to DX Operational Intelligence:
From the above illustration, you can notice that the OI connector in DX APM reports Metrics and Alarms, while the Generic Connector sends the Topology information.
Integrating DX Application Performance Management with DX Operational Intelligence consists of two parts:
  1. Enable and configure the OI connector that is bundled as part of the APM installation.
  2. Download and configure the Generic Connector.
Before you begin this integration, ensure that you are using the compatible versions. For more information on the compatible versions, see DX Operational Intelligence Interoperability