Space Check Failed

Valid for: 10.7 Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2
Valid for: 10.7 Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2
Space check failed during the cluster upgrade.
The space check can fail for the following reasons:
  • A component has insufficient disk space for the upgrade.
  • The backup directory path is invalid. For example, the path points to a file. 
    A specific backup directory is present if you configure Enterprise Manager to connect to a data store outside of the installation directory.
Consider the reasons for failure before troubleshooting.
Follow these steps:
  1. Rerun the space check.
  2. If the space check fails again, review the
    Backup Definition Check Results
    section in the
    Backup Creation
    tab of the Upgrade Wizard.
    This section shows which component is failing the space check and provides suggestions to correct the issue.
  3. Add space to the identified component.
  4. Review the backup directory path and ensure it is valid.
  5. Rerun the cluster upgrade, beginning with the
    Space Check