Upgrade Components

The following individual APM components are involved in the upgrade. Some components require an uninstall and fresh installation. Other components require an upgrade.
The following individual APM components are involved in the upgrade. Some components require an uninstall and fresh installation. Other components require an upgrade.
Comparison of component upgrade methodology:
Fresh Installation and Data Migration
APM Database and schema
Enterprise Manager
no other component
APM Command Center
no other component
Transaction Impact Monitor (TIM)
The APM Database
The APM Database oversees the database operations between the APM components and the database vendor software. The database vendor software is either Postgres or Oracle. The database schema defines the organization of the database for the data that APM produces. 
You can install and restore the APM Database and database storage software. If you are upgrading hardware for the database, clean install the APM Database and database storage software. Next, migrate the database content. 
Upgrade and verify the APM Database before upgrading other components.
Upgrade the APM Database Software
All components in an APM installation, except agents, must have the same version.
The APM Installer includes the APM Database software. In the APM Installer, you can update the APM Database separately or with the other APM components. If the database supports the database storage software version, upgrade the APM software independently of the database storage software. If you do not upgrade the database storage software, you must update the database schema. Update the APM Database during the APM upgrade.
Update the Database Schema
The database schema prepares the layout of the database. The schema tells the database software what data type and structure to expect. The schema differs for each version and most APM Service Pack releases. If you upgrade your APM Database software but do not upgrade the database storage software, you must update the schema. Update the schema with the APM Installer.
Upgrade the Database Storage Software
PostgreSQL or Oracle provides the database storage software. Postgres software is supplied with the APM Installer. To upgrade your Postgres installation, use the APM Installer. 
Enterprise Managers
Enterprise Managers include the Manager of Managers (MOM), Collectors, the standalone APM, WebView Server, and Enterprise Team Center Servers. Upgrade all Enterprise Managers using the APM Installer. For more information about upgrading Enterprise Managers, see Upgrade the Enterprise Manager.
APM Command Center
Upgrade or install APM Command Center as part of the upgrade using the APM Installer. For more information, see Upgrade CA APM Command Center.
To update your workstation to the latest version, uninstall your current workstation and install the latest version. For more information, see Install the Workstation.
If you use Java WebStart, your Workstations automatically upgrade the first time that they connect to Enterprise Manager release 10.x.
To upgrade a TIM, uninstall the current TIM software and install the latest version.
Upgrade Agents
We recommend that you do not upgrade agents concurrently with the APM core components. Upgrade your agents as part of the regular maintenance of application servers when the APM upgrade is complete. Upgrading agents separately minimizes application downtime. Agent installation can take a long time depending on the number of JVMs or Common Language Runtimes that you have.
Earlier versions of agents are compatible with the latest release of APM. The latest release of the APM agents provides enhanced features and capabilities.