Information and procedures for end users.
Application Performance Management lets you use various methods to monitor the statuses of your business applications, and investigate and resolve problems.
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Understand the geography of your application environment
Go to 
Experience View
 and view your application environment from the highest level of your universe. Drill down to specific transactions for fault finding.
View an overview of agent metric values
Go to 
Metric View
 and navigate the 
Metrics Tree
 to an application server host. Drill down in the tree and click the agent node that you want to investigate.
View the overall health of the environment
Go to 
 and apply the Agent View or Experience View. A tile in Dashboard represents a group of all components that share an attribute name and value. Tiles show the most significant alert statuses of any of the components in the group.
View the relationship between individual components within an environment
Go to 
 and view relationships between individual components. Nodes in the map represent directly monitored or aggregated software components and business transactions in a topological context. If the number of nodes is large enough to cause performance issues, the map automatically groups the nodes. The groups do not represent any specific attribute or perspective. Add filters or define perspectives to reduce the number of nodes for the map to display.
Monitor problems and anomalies
Use Assisted Triage to monitor problems and anomalies. Assisted Triage identifies affected experiences, and names the evidence as a problem. Anomalies are like problems, but with no user impact. Assisted Triage analyzes agent data from your monitored environments, and identifies common components of a problem so that you are not flooded with issues.
Investigate problems
Use Analysis Notebook and investigate problems that Assisted Triage has identified.
Investigate poor transaction performance
Use the Transaction Trace Viewer to understand transaction performance and solve poor performance by identifying when, where, and why performance degrades.
Monitor the health and performance of agents
Go to 
Agents View
 and monitor the agents that are available in your environment. Agent cards in the view show details for one agent or a group of agents. If agents are grouped in a card, the metrics information is also grouped.