Sample Scripts

This section contains sample scripts that use CLW commands:
This section contains sample scripts that use CLW commands:
You can download the scripts from KB000014477 from the CA Communities:
The scripts are only available with no support.
Download the appropriate ZIP file and follow the instructions to install the scripts:
  1. Extract the appropriate file, or into your Enterprise Manager installation. The package will create a bin subdirectory.
  2. Go to the bin subdirectory, and invoke:
  3. This creates the file setIscEnv.cmd or This file contains all relevant Introscope folder locations from which the other scripts will read.
Transaction Trace Session
This script initiates a Transaction Trace Session for all agents. At run-time, you supply two arguments:
  • Execution threshold value -- The minimum execution time, in seconds, for transactions to be traced.
  • Session duration -- The duration of the Transaction Trace Session, in seconds.
The script stores results in a date-oriented directory structure.
clwTxnTracer <
> <
threshold is the transaction execution time threshold, in seconds
duration is duration of the session, in seconds
clwTxnTracer 1 600
Causes Transactions Trace Sessions of 600 seconds duration to be run for any transaction that takes longer than 1 second to execute.
The Transaction Trace data is written to a single file, in a directory that corresponds to current date:
<year>\<month>\<day>\<agents> _<threshold>
For example:
@ECHO OFF SETLOCAL TITLE Introscope -- Transaction Tracer Session REM **** REM Sets the current working directory with quotes around it REM This enables this file to execute correctly if it is REM invoked somewhere other than its location. REM **** FOR /f "tokens=1 delims=" %%a in ('cd') DO SET PWD=%%a REM **** REM Set the command directory to the command argument itself, REM namely the full path of this file or the relative path REM to where the file was invoked. SET CMD_DIR=%0 REM Now simply strip out the name of this file to get dir REM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REM Use current filename SET CMD_DIR=%CMD_DIR:clwTxnTracer.cmd=% REM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REM Strip the quotes REM add quotes if they're not there SET CMD_DIR="%CMD_DIR%" REM if not add quotes, then this statement chokes SET CMD_DIR=%CMD_DIR:"=% REM if the current dir wasn't determined, just set it to working dir IF NOT EXIST "%CMD_DIR%" SET CMD_DIR=. IF "%CMD_DIR%" == %0 SET CMD_DIR=. IF "%CMD_DIR%" == "%0" SET CMD_DIR=. REM **** REM Now set the home directory for Introscope, and others IF NOT EXIST "%CMD_DIR%\setIscEnv.cmd" goto noSetEnvFile call "%CMD_DIR%\setIscEnv.cmd" SET TT_THRESHOLD_IN_SECS=%1 SET TT_DURATION_IN_SECS=%2 IF "X%TT_THRESHOLD_IN_SECS%" == "X" SET TT_THRESHOLD_IN_SECS=10000 IF "X%TT_DURATION_IN_SECS%" == "X" SET TT_DURATION_IN_SECS=600 IF %TT_THRESHOLD_IN_SECS% LEQ 0 GOTO badArg IF %TT_DURATION_IN_SECS% LEQ 0 GOTO badArg SET TT_AGENTS=(.*) REM Java Settings (e.g. increase Max heap size ) SET JAVA_OPTS=-Xms64m -Xmx512m SET JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% %CLW_USER_OPT% %CLW_PASSWORD_OPT% %CLW_EM_HOST_OPT% %CLW_EM_PORT_OPT% SET COMMAND=trace transactions exceeding %TT_THRESHOLD_IN_SECS% seconds in agents matching \"%TT_AGENTS%\" for %TT_DURATION_IN_SECS% seconds SET AGENT_STR=%TT_AGENTS% REM Remove the spaces, parentheses SET AGENT_STR=%AGENT_STR:(=% SET AGENT_STR=%AGENT_STR:)=% SET AGENT_STR=%AGENT_STR: =% if "X%TT_AGENTS%" == "X(.*)" SET AGENT_STR=AllAgents FOR /f "tokens=1-4 delims=:." %%a in ("%time%") DO SET SECS_STR=%%a%%b%%c%%d FOR /f "tokens=1-4 delims=/ " %%a in ("%date%") DO SET TRACES_DIR=%ISC_TRACES%\%%d\%%b\%%c REM Create the traces dir, if not exist IF NOT EXIST "%TRACES_DIR%" MKDIR "%TRACES_DIR%" SET TT_FILE=%TRACES_DIR%\%AGENT_STR%_%TT_THRESHOLD_IN_SECS%secs_for%TT_DURATION_IN_SECS%secs.%SECS_STR%.xml TITLE Introscope -- Transaction Tracer for %TT_DURATION_IN_SECS% secs with threshold %TT_THRESHOLD_IN_SECS% secs REM send stderr to null b/c there are meaningless disconnect excepts that might be *scary-looking* ECHO Saving session output to %TT_FILE% "%ISC_JAVA_HOME%\bin\java" %JAVA_OPTS% -jar "%CLW_JAR%" %COMMAND% > "%TT_FILE%" 2>NUL goto finish :badArg ECHO Arguments should be greater than zero. ECHO Syntax: $0 "threshold in secs" "duration in secs" goto finish :noSetEnvFile ECHO There is no environment setup file: setIscEnv.cmd ECHO Please re-run configureWily.cmd in installation directory! goto finish :finish ENDLOCAL
Transaction Trace Session Triggered by Alert
This script initiates a Transaction Trace Session as a result of an Alert being triggered. You use a Shell Command Action to invoke it, passing the Alert message text as an argument.
The script parses the Alert message text for the agent that reported the data that triggered the Alert, and the danger level value that was exceeded, which it uses as the agent and threshold values for the Transaction Trace Session. Session results are stored in a date-oriented directory structure.
For more information on creating shell command actions, see the
CA APM Workstation User Guide
The Transaction Trace data is written to a single file, in a directory that corresponds to current date:
<EM_Home>/traces\<year>\<month>\<day>\<agents> _<threshold>secs_for<duration>secs.<start_time>.xml
For example: