Java Agent

The Java agent collects detailed performance metrics about applications and the computing environment as transactions are executed. The Java agent collects this information from applications and resources running on Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) and sends the information to the Enterprise Manager. The Enterprise Manager then processes and stores the data for real-time and historical reporting. You view and work with the collected data using the user interface to create alerts or take responsive action.
The Java agent inserts probes into the classes bytecode of the instrumented application. Inserting the probes into the bytecode is part of the instrumentation process that enables the monitoring of your applications. After the application is instrumented, the Java agent starts collecting the data.
For application management, the key activities are:
  • Deploy agents to monitor the performance and availability of application servers.
  • Test, adjust, and optimize monitoring of application components.
  • Customize the agent profile to control agent operations, as needed.
The agent uses some of the application server Java heap memory to store collected data.
The following information applies to the heap usage:
  • For a highly utilized heap, you may need to increase the heap allocation when you install the agent.
  • If you plan to collect large numbers of transaction traces, increase the JVM heap size.
If you are operating a high-performance
environment, contact
Implementation Services
for the appropriate agent JVM heap settings.
, you can upgrade the Java Agent from APM Command Center instead of manually. Upgrading is a two-phase process. The first phase begins in APM Command Center, where you apply a new-version package to the agents you want to upgrade. In the second phase, you restart the application server. The Java Agent is upgraded upon agent startup. You can carry out the phases in direct succession, or you can perform phase two at any time after phase one. This flexibility allows you to upgrade when the timing is appropriate or convenient. After the Java Agent upgrade using APM Command Center, Command Center displays the current release version for each Java Agent. The display shows a release identification and a suffix indicating that the release version is active.
The Java Agent runs from the release-specific package that is located in the