Infrastructure Agent

The Infrastructure Agent is a bundle of extensions and monitors that collects and sends data to the Enterprise Manager for processing. The Infrastructure Agent contains scripts and wrappers to run a standalone JVM process. The Infrastructure Agent runs as a UNIX Daemon process or a Windows service. In either case, the process or service contains a core standalone agent and can load existing and new EPAgent plug-ins.
uses a public domain Java Service Wrapper from Tanuki Software to enable the Infrastructure Agent to run as a Windows Service or UNIX Daemon process. For information about the Tanuki wrapper, see the Configuration Property Overview.
The Infrastructure Agent deploys the extensions and monitors, which you can also download from the APM Command Center. These extensions can run on the same JVM or service in parallel with each other. For example, Host Monitoring and Web Server Monitoring. The Infrastructure Agent supports the following categories of monitors:
  • Standalone multi-process probe agents that report metrics, and can display transaction traces and map nodes. For example, Node.js and PHP
  • EPAgent plug-ins that provide scripts and Java classes through XML streaming
  • Frameworks such as RESTmon, DBMON
Infrastructure Agent Components
The Infrastructure Agent includes the following components:
  • Agent Controller
  • Probe Agent: Collects the application data in the form of metrics and sends the data to the Infrastructure Agent.
  • Agent Extensions based on user selection
If you are deploying the APM Infrastructure Agent to use secure SSL from APMIA to Cloud Proxy, then we recommend that you use
  which allows the agent to communicate over 5443 in the Cloud Proxy.