ada_inventory AC Configuration

Prior to deploying the ada_inventory probe, be sure the following requirements are met:
  1. You are running CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.4 or later.
  2. You are running CA Application Delivery Analysis 10.4 or later.
  3. The robot onto which the ada_inventory probe will be deployed has http access (port 80/TCP) to the ADA console.
  4. If you are deploying the ada_inventory probe on a secondary hub (not the primary hub), create the queues to connect the two hubs.
  5. The ADA console has the .NET Framework 3.5 "HTTP Activation" feature installed and enabled.
Configuration Overview
At a high level, configuring the probe consists of the following actions:
ada_inventory Configuration Overview
ada_inventory Configuration Overview
  1. Identify the ADA console instances that are monitoring servers and applications.
    The probe cannot be configured for an ADA console that is already registered with CA PC or CA NPC.
  2. Configure the ada_inventory probe to point at the ADA console (by specifying the IP Address or hostname).
  3. Verify the ADA Console Configuration.
Configuring Probe Setup
After you install the probe, configure the probe setup using the UIM Admin Console.
  1. In the 
    Add ADA Console
     dialog, complete the following fields:
      ADA Console Name
      A name to identify the ADA console 
      ADA Console Hostname or IP Address
      The hostname or IP Address of the ADA console
      Only servers with user apps
      Define whether to include all servers or only servers with user-defined applications
       Unchecking this check box causes all servers to be included when the inventory is sent from CA ADA to CA UIM.
      Alarm Message
      The level of alarm message sent to UIM if it experiences an error communicating with CA ADA
      Whether the probe is active or not
  2. Click 
  3. Click 
    . Click 
     to restart the ada_inventory probe.
  4. In the 
    Probe Configuration
     window, select 
    Actions, Verify ADA Console Configuration
    If the probe detects that the ADA console does not have "HTTP Activation" installed/enabled, the verify action fails. The probe log will contain a descriptive message and the probe will not report "Success" on the verify action.
HTTP 404
The most common error is an HTTP 404. This indicates that the "HTTP Activation" feature is not installed on the ADA console.
CA ADA Graphs Not Displaying in CA UIM
This occurs when the ada_inventory probe is deployed on a secondary hub. You must have queues set up between the secondary hub where the ada_inventory probe is deployed (an 
 queue) and the primary hub (a 
 queue). The 
 for these queues must be 
More information:
See the hub documentation for instructions on setting up hub-to-hub queues.