distsrv (Monitor Distribution Server) Release Notes

The Distribution Server is an important part of the canm that maintains distributable packages, licenses, and Alarm Console Maps.
The Distribution Server is an important part of the
CA Unified Infrastructure Management
that maintains distributable packages, licenses, and Alarm Console Maps.
Revision History
This section describes the history of the revisions for this probe.
(Included in UIM 20.3.3)
  • UIM 20.3.3 now introduces the asynchronous behavior for probe distribution mechanism, which ensures more robust and resilient deployments. This ability also helps you avoid intermittent timeout or communication issues with larger probes. Previously, while deploying the large packages, distsrv and ADE were facing time-out issues, which was causing unsuccessful deployment of such packages.
    This functionality supports backward compatibility. For example, if you have an older robot, then the deployment happens based on the earlier (synchronous) behavior.
March 2021
Released with CA UIM 20.3.0.
September 2020
(Included in UIM 20.1.0)
What's New:
  • (9.20 HF8) Fixed an issue in which users were unable to distribute to more than one client at a time using 9.20 Secure bus. The reason is that distsrv tries to identify whether the distribution is happening on the same host or on a different host based on the IP. With secure bus, the nametoip returns loopback ( So, distsrv considers that the distribution is happening on the same machine and puts it into the queued state. To resolve the issue, an extra check has been added in case of the secure bus to compare the robot addresses as well. (Support Case: 20132625)
  • Fixed an issue with more than one client at a time not being distributed using 9.20 Secure. (Support Case: 20132625)
March 2020
(Included in CA UIM 9 SP1)
What's New:
  • (7.93 HF11_1) Fixed an issue in which the package copy functionality was not working for Linux. (Support Case: 01245994)
  • (7.97 HF1) Fixed an issue in which CA UIM was not downloading the packages into the archive. It was showing the download status as complete, without any errors. However, the package was not showing up in the archive. (Support Case: 01239612)
  • CA UIM 9.2.0 has adopted OpenJDK 8u212 instead of Oracle JDK. Because of this change, CA UIM 9 SP1 (9.1.0) that was using Oracle JDK (JRE) 8u212 is no longer available and has been removed from the Support site. All the functionality that was included in 9.1.0 is now released as part of CA UIM 9.2.0. Consequently, all references to the 9.1.0 release and the probe version 9.10 (released with it) have also been removed from this probe documentation. We recommend that you move to this version 9.20 of this probe, as the previous version 9.10 is no longer available now. For more information about the OpenJDK usage in CA UIM, see  Adopting OpenJDK.
April 2019
  • Updated to support the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 package version 1.01 (vs2017_vcredist_x86 1.01 and vs2017_vcredist_x64 1.01). This support helps ensure that the minimum version of the VS 2017 package is equal to or greater than 1.01. With this dependency onthe version1.01, the computer is no longer getting restarted automatically when installing the VS 2017 package. That is, with v1.01, no auto-restart of the computer happens.
December 2018
(Included in CA UIM 9.0.2)
What's New:
  • Updated this probe as part of removingdependencyon the end-of-life (EOL) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables in CA UIM 9.0.2. CA UIM 9.0.2 now uses Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017.
  • Updated this probe as part of removing known security vulnerabilities in CA UIM 9.0.2 by using upgraded OpenSSL components.
Fixed Defects:
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to create monitoring profiles using MCS or to discover applications. (Support Case: 00897947)
  • Fixed an issue where thedistsrvprobe was not responding while deploying other probes. (Support Case: 1089410)
  • Fixed an issue related to security vulnerabilities in data_engine,distsrv, and ppm encryption. (Support Case: 1096152)
October 2018
Updated to align with current robot platforms.
June 2018
Updated to align with current robot platforms.
October 2017
Web-based configuration GUI added.
Defect fixes.
Sept 2013
For Windows: fixed problems for the probe when encountering 'problem' packages.
Configuration tool: changed save operation to save all settings in one request to the controller.
July 2012
New libraries
Dec 2011
Implemented cancel of jobs entered onremotedistribution server.
Added handling of SID expired situation on distribution over tunnels (while using remotedistsrv).
Support for IPv6. (Future use.)
Sep 2011
Threading stability fix for Linux platforms
July 2011
Fixedintermittent problem on Linux platforms introduced in beta version 5.12 wheredistsrvcould stop responding after some time.
5. 12
Increased limitations for license size.
Changed field type of the server field in the forwarding profile dialog to allow unlisted values.
'attempt_number' cleanup done to avoid looping and added specific error message added for situations where the distribution resultcan notbe obtained.
Fixed package sort by date inconfigurationtool.
Fixed dependency checking on forwarded distribution.
Added a small delay between processing forwarding profiles.
Separated license read/write locks.
Added option to enable/disable forwarding.
Fixed session request reconnect problem during distribution.
Threading implemented for job_status and job_list callback functions.
Improved error handling for session requests.
Version recognition fix.
Added 'file' argument to 'archive_put_start' to enable more consistent archive management.
Fixed problem with forwarding interfering with the last change parameters from the 'get_info' callback.
Fixed archive list 'since' parameter problem on 64-bit Solaris.
Dec 2010
Parameter size limit for tasks increased. Also added limit checking.
Nov 2010
Initial support for internationalization of alarm texts.
Added support for extended NIS data model.
Confgurationtool fix for package forwarding; improved parsing logic for package list.
Oct 2010
Modified licensing forwarding logic.
Jul 2010
Dependencies in remote distributions did not behave well. Problems were found and fixed:
Memory leak on package dependencies with version check.
Repeatedunneccessarydownload requests for dependency packages.
Improved dependency package download logic.
unzip library function not thread safe on Solaris.
This caused both occasional errorsonregistering a distribution job as well as various error messages on distribution. A critical section was added to the function where packages are unpacked to avoid this problem.
There was a memory usage error on package dependency version checking which occasionally causeddistsrvto crash. Even though the problem was generic we have seen this problem only on Solaris. The effect of this problem was thatdistsrvwould 'forget' a number of queued and ongoing distributions.
Jun 2010
Enhanced support for multiple Network Interfacecards(NICs) on the computer. Nimsoft communication is now supported in other NICs than the default Robot interface.
Support for encrypted SSL Nimsoft communication.
License check fixed for dependency packages.
Implemented 'get_info' callback.
Mar 2010
Updated Libraries
Dec 2009
Replaced security setting on remote (internal) commands with security keyword.
Changed callbacks from secondarydistsrvback to primary to ensure asynchronous behavior.
Added caching of IP addresses on robot name lookup.
Added option to use local archive on remote distributions.
Store information on completed distributions inembeddeddatabase.
Added option to trigger forwarding immediately on a detected change.
Fixed situation wherepackagewas repeatedly forwarded.
'All versions' option for package forwarding added.
Fixedpotential crash situation on 'archive_list'.
Improved error message on dependency which is not satisfied.
Rewritten package dependency checking on distribution. Multi-level dependencies are handled with new (3.53) robots.
Oct 2009
Fixed license_check call that caused probe failure on unlicensed probes.
Fixed archive_rename and added archive copy callback functions.
Fixed problem with package file extension '.ZIP'.
Changed dependency error messages so that the correct version formatting is used.
For UNIX/Linux: added cr/lfhandling code for distribution and package update.
Added support for 'start_after' keyword in probe definition.
Modified forwarding of 'Map' packages so that the existing version is replaced.
Removed extra text at end of archive_get_pkginfo output on Windows.
Aug 2009
Support for no_shutdown and temp_directory when creating a probe from an existing probe.
Fixed license forwarding.
Changed default configuration tool window placement.
Fixed problem with setting probe security.
Dec 2008
Added option toforwardlicenses.
64bit support (64-bit UNIX support)
Fixed problem with configuration file not being saved when using archive configuration on a package with a version number.
Fixed problem with deleting package without version, where the package with the highest version would be deleted.
Included Archive Configure option that will work withlogmon2.20.
Fixed version comparison problem for package forwarding.
Fixed problem with updating a configuration file in a package with version.
Fixed problem with package dependencies to exact version.
Please notethat,for version 4.71 and higher of this probe, NimBUS Robot version 3.00 (or higher) is a prerequisite. You are advised to carefully read the document "Upgrading the NimBUS Robot" before installing/upgrading.
Sep 2008
Fixed version comparison problem for package forwarding.
Fixed problem with updating a configuration file in a package with version.
Fixed problem with package dependencies to exact version.
May 2008
Fixed problem with deleting package without version, where the package with the highest version would be deleted.
Feb 2008
Changed version recognition logic to allow mapping of empty version string to package without version. Modified 'archive_create_from_probe' and 'archive_config_from_probe' to write to the correct package version file.
Modified 'license_check' callback to return additional license information.
Fixed 'archive_list_configs' for archive configuration support.
Added information to the package so that the package archive will be removed on probe removal.
Modified distribution to give correct dependency errors on 'built in' packages (robot,perllibrary).
Modified 'archive_config_put' to enable package configuration with the normal probe configuration tools.
Modified 'license_check' call to accept remote calls without security id.
Added 'list_archive_configure' call for controlling package configure support.
Modified package forwarding so that all communication with each remotedistsrvuses a separate session.
Added option to always forward license with package forward. Add 'always_forward_license = yes' to the setup section of the probe configuration file to enable this functionality.
Changed callbacks that pull probe or probe configuration back into the archive to allow overwriting an existing package. The version of the original package will be used, but the build number incremented. Dependency check version comparison fix.
Modified package forwarding mechanism to always check the package withhighestversion.
Defaultfor 'keep history' reduced to 7 days.
Modified dependency check to avoid "_0.0" version error when dependency package not found.
Fixes forcheckof dependency/version.
Changed logging of checksums.
Modified logic for sending back installation status on remote distributions.
Added option to set log file truncation size.
Fixed install_list configuration bug. install_list//retry_attempts was written to retry_attempts and install_list//retry_timeout was read from retry_timeout.
Fixed missing status update when a hub was distributed via remotedistsrv.
Implemented minimum configurator dialog box size.
Denied column reordering in all list views.
Fixed unhandled exception when entering alpha characters inForwardinterval, Keep history and CRC error retry count text boxes.
Fixed dialog box icons.
Changed server list in the forward package dialog todrop downlist.
Removed log filename from configurator.
Changed attempts and retry sliders to text boxes. Added retry range 0 - 20 and delay range 1 - 1440.
Added resize function to the forward package dialog.
Changed add package dialog from toolbox dialog to fixed dialog.
Fixed bug: Remote installation package transfer does not work correctly.
Fixed deadlock on UNIX systems when deleting licenses.
Modified code to recognize all 'Windows*' os types as 'win32' oncreationof a probe or config package.
Added logging of error situations on package creation.
Linuxfixfor opening packages in the archive.
Support for Package dependencies '.NET Framework' and 'Windows Installer' added. Fixed 'configurator_get' to allowuseof version. Added logic to determine if license information needs tobeupdatesin the configuration file. Modified dependency check algorithm. 4.02 17 Jan 2006 Fix in archive put related to multiple package versions. Added 'block_size' to setup section ofconfigurationfile to allow configuring the block size used for transferring files. The default block size was increased from 4 to 32 Kb. Added recognition of 'Windows Server 2003' OS when pulling a probe or probe configuration into the archive. Modified startup order to avoid license validation errors right after startup.
Nov 2007
Added support for multiple package versions. UNIX port to Linux and AIX
Feb 2006
Probe Specific Software Requirements
  • distsrv versions lower than 7.96 cannot be used for distribution if robot version is 7.96 or higher.
  • Robot version 3.00 (or higher) is required for distsrv versions 4.71 or later.
  • The distsrv probe 7.97 is not compatible with hub probe versions earlier than 7.97.
Installation Considerations
When distributing distsrv, it cannot detect its own completion, so you will see an 'Installation Aborted' message even if there was no error. You can verify that the new version of the distribution server is running by starting its configuration window and looking at the version on the status bar.