e2e_appmon (E2E Application Response Monitoring) Release Notes

Each transaction executes for a certain time limit and generates the QoS messages from the script.
The E2E Application Response Monitoring (e2e_appmon) probe executes precompiled NimRecorder scripts and monitors the following parameters:
  • Response time of the script execution
  • Execution time of scripts
  • Availability of client applications
Each transaction executes for a certain time limit and generates the QoS messages from the script.
: This probe replaces the old wintask probe.
Revision History
This section describes the history of the revisions for this probe.
 Support cases may not be viewable to all customers.
What's New
Updated probe with nimrecorder version 6.0.2130.0
December 2019
What's New:
    Enhanced the log-in mechanism for Windows desktops. Previously, the probe logged-in to Windows desktops by modifying the 
     registry key. This created security risks in restricted Windows deployments as passwords are stored in the registry in plain text. The probe now logs-in without modifying the 
     registry key.
Fixed Defects:
  • Fixed an issue where the probe scheduler did not run any script if a value (day) was present in the Days Of Month field. 
    Support case 767674
  • Fixed an issue where probe did not display the status icon when the scripts were being executed. 
    Support case 01208208
June 2019
What's New:
  • (
     GUI) The 
    Run as User
     section now also supports a valid e-mail account details in addition to the domain username and password. For more information, see the 
    Configure General Properties 
    section of the e2e_appmon AC Configuration and e2e_appmon IM Configuration pages.
September 2018
What's New:
  • Added support for monitoring Windows 10 (x64).
June 2018
What's New (Doc Update):
  • Added support for executing web-based scripts on older versions of Mozilla Firefox. For more information, see the Mozilla Firefox Support section.
February 2018
What's New:
  • The NimRecorder version 6.0 now available with the probe provides for better user experience on Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Added support for AES-128 encryption, which is required for FIPS compliance. For more information, see enable the FIPS encryption.
Fixed Defects:
  • The probe was unable to save the changes when the option 
    Cleanup on timeout or error return
     was set. 
    Salesforce case number 00501620
    The probe did not display the correct return code when the ReturnError Message was used for the alarm.
     Salesforce case number 00765416
December 2017
What's New:
    (IM Interface only)
     Added support for:
    • AES-128 encryption that is required for FIPS compliance
    • Monitor Windows systems where FIPS encryption is enabled. Before you deploy the probe version 2.30, you must enable the FIPS encryption on the system where the probe is configured.
       You cannot configure the probe from any Admin Console (AC) interface on a FIPS encryption enabled environment.
April 2017
Fixed Defects:
  • e2e_starter was unable to identify users in separate domains when user verification was forced through the probe. The probe now excludes the domain name during verification. 
    Support case number 310064
  • Updated the Release Notes user permissions requirement. 
    Support case number 246786
  • Updated the Release Notes with 
    enabling WTBho in browsers
    Support case number 273379
  • The probe supports monitoring within an IPv6 environment.
May 2016
Fixed Defects:
  • When viewing data on UMP, the probe did not override the default alarm source. 
    Salesforce case 00165820
  • Updated the Software Requirements in the probe Release Notes to describe the ppm probe dependency. 
    Salesforce case 70003306
November 2015
What's New
  • Added support for executing web-based scripts on Google Chrome.
 This feature is supported only on NimRecorder 5.2 and later. For more information, see the Google Chrome Support section.
July 2015
What's New
  • Added support for Static Threshold for custom metrics.
  • Added support for factory templates.
Fixed Defects:
  • The probe did not show up on the robot even though it was successfully distributed. This issue occurred on a Windows 7, 32-bit operating system. 
    Salesforce cases 00152965, 00159264
March 2015
  • Added support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Upgraded the NimRecorder to version 5.1.
November 2014
  • Added NimRecorder 5.0, which is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit environments and removed Wintask64. The scripts that are recorded with Wintask64 are compatible with NimRecorder 5.0 also.
  • Added support for Windows Server 2008 R2.
March 2014
  • Added a feature to allow selecting multiple files during package building session.
  • Added a feature to remember user preferences as opposed to last used dir In package builder.
  • Added a feature to Packaging Screen Default Support.
  • Added a validation to select at least one script file to create package.
  • Wintask64 added to support 64-bit applications.
June 2013
  • Added a feature to create a script package from the e2e_appmon probe.
  • Upgraded the NimRecoder to version 4.0
March 2013
  • Fixed the scheduling functionality of the probe.
  • Fixed an issue where alarm is generated after upgrade.
November 2012
  • Fixed source override for script generated messages when a source is specified in the profile.
  • Fixed tray icon update for suspend mode.
  • Updated NimRecorder to version 3.8.
  • Added code to transfer the probe id from the probe to the script starter and set probe id for script generated messages.
May 2012
  • Enabled QoS source override for script generated QoS.
  • Added support for 64-bit windows version. 
 Only the Internet Explorer 32-bit version is supported.
June 2011
  • Added support for internationalization.
  • Added support for reading alarm tokens from cfg.
December 2010
  • Option for immediate registry reset after login.
September 2010
  • NimRecorder updated to version 3.7a.
September 2010
  • Added NIS(TNT2) Changes.
June 2010
  • Resolved problem with multiple desktops (RDP connections) in e2e_starter. Turned off legal notices before automatic login and reset on probe termination. Fixed crash situation on callback using missing data.
  • Fixed problem with starting script before login was completed on Windows 2008.
January 2010
  • NimRecorder updated to version 3.7.
January 2010
  • Fixed login and script start problems on Vista.
  • NimRecorder updated to version 3.5a.
October 2008
  • NimRecorder updated to version 3.5:
  • Improved update mechanism.
  • Correct installation even if NimBUS is installed to a non-standard directory.
  • Modified e2e_starter.exe to be independent from NimBUS registry settings.
  • Changed to global event for communicating between the probe and starter utility.
  • Added utility for Windows Vista to be able to perform controlled login and log out.
August 2008
  • Added source override option for QoS and Alarm messages.
February 2007
  • NimRecorder v3.3 which supports IE7
January 2007
  • Added check for running 'e2e_starter'. Default check interval is 3 minutes.
December 2006
  • Apply correct version number
  • Includes NimRecorder v3.2.
  • Improved error handling in e2e_starter.
October 2006
  • Clean up script after timeout fix.
June 2006
  • Updated WinTask binaries to version 3.1a
  • Clean up in nimmacro.dll.
May 2006
  • Initial version. Functionality as for the replaced wintask probe. Subsystem set to
February 2006
Probe Specific Hardware Requirements
The e2e_appmon probe is installed on systems with the following minimum resources:
  • Memory: 2-4GB of RAM. The OOB configuration of the probe requires 256 MB of RAM
  • CPU: 3-GHz dual-core processor 32 bit or 64 bit
Probe Specific Software Requirements
The e2e_appmon probe requires the following software environment:
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.0 or later
  • Robot 7.62 or later (recommended)
  • (to enable FIPS encryption) Bus (Robot) version 7.80
  • Probe Provisioning Manager (PPM) probe version 3.20 or later (required for Admin Console)
  • Java JRE version 6 or later (required for Admin Console)
Probe Specific Changes After Upgrade
(Version 2.30)
The probe supports AES-128 bit encryption and decryption. To enable this feature in your Infrastructure Manager (IM), set the 
 environment variable to one of the following values in the controller probe:
  • If you do not set any value of the environment variable, then the probe uses 
     encryption and decryption, by default.
  • Set this value in all the robots where the e2e_appmon probe is configured.
  • Restart the 
    Nimsoft Robot Watcher
     service after you set the environment variable.
  • The probe fails to start if you provide incorrect values for the environment variable. CA does not recommend you to change this value after you set it once.
    However, if your probe still fails to respond, see 
    Known Issues and Workarounds
     section for more information.
Installation Considerations
The following points must be considered while installing the probe:
    (Version 2.40)
     Ensure that you install the ppm probe v 3.47 before you use the AC interface.
  • When migrating from the earlier wintask probe, disable the wintask probe.
  • On the first startup of e2e_appmon, the probe reads and takes the wintask probe configuration.
 The QoS object names are changed. The instances of the probe running on a computer with the earlier wintask probe now generate QoS on a different object. The probe instances that are installed on a clean robot will have the new QoS object names. You can change this option in the 
 tab of the probe.
  • The probe is initially inactive. Specify the user credentials with which the probe connects to the system. When you provide the user credentials and activate the probe, the current session exits, and the probe initiates a login as the specified user.
 Ensure that no screensaver is active as it interferes with the running of the scripts.
User Access Prerequisites
All users included in the probe profile require administrative access (read and write permissions) to the 
<CA UIM Installation Directory>
Enable WTBho Class
For successfully executing web-based scripts, enable WTBho Class, a NimRecorder add-on,  on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
Follow these steps:
  1. Verify that the environment is properly configured during the first run. For example, execute the 'internet connect' wizard.
    (Internet Explorer)
     Ensure that no Internet Explorer instances are open during installation.
  3. Enable WTBho, as applicable for your browser:
      (Internet Explorer)
      Tools > Internet options > Programs
      . Click 
      Manage add-ons
       and enable WTBho from the displayed list.
      Add-ons > Extensions
      , and enable the NimRecorder extension.
      Settings > Extensions
      , and enable the NimRecorder extension. 
  4. Restart NimRecorder after installation.
     After you upgrade your browser, ensure that WTBho is still enabled. This check ensures continuous monitoring of your webpages even after browser upgrade.
Google Chrome Support
For Google Chrome to support NimRecorder script execution, install the NimRecorder extension to your browser.
 The Google Chrome support is available only with NimRecorder 5.2 and later.
  1. Go to the chrome webstore.
  2. Select 
    from the list.
  3. Search NimRecorder in the chrome web store.
  4. Install the extension from the webstore.
Mozilla Firefox Support
For Mozilla Firefox to support NimRecorder script execution, install the NimRecorder extension to your browser.
Follow these steps:
  1. Create a Mozilla account using your CA credentials at the Add-ons website.
  2. For versions prior to 57, download the Add-on (
    1. Navigate to 
      ettings > Add-ons > Extensions.
    2. Browse and select the Add-on by navigating to 
      Settings > Install add-on from file.
  3. For Versions 57 and later, download the Add-on (
    1. Log in to your Mozilla account.
    2. Navigate to 
      Developer Hub 
      My Add-ons.
    3. Click 
      Submit a new add-on
       and define a name for the Add-on.
    4. In the Menu  menu.png  , click Add-ons  add-on.png  
       and select the Add-on that you want to add and click 
Upgrade and Migration Considerations
  • Recompile your existing scripts using the new NimRecorder while upgrading the e2e_appmon probe older than 1.62 version. The new NimRecorder is deployed with probe package for recompiling the existing scripts. The scripts become compatible with the new NimRecorder once recompiled. The NimRecorder is available at the 
    Start > All Programs > Nimsoft Monitoring > E2E Scripting
  • Recompile your existing scripts, whenever the NimRecorder version is updated.
  • Send an email to 
     for troubleshooting your script-related issues and support on NimRecorder 5.2.
  • Uninstall any previous version of the NimRecorder and ensure that the 
     directory under the 
     directory does not exist anymore. Delete the 
    directory, if exists, and then install the latest version of the probe. Take backup of all existing scripts before uninstalling the NimRecorder.
  • In case, you are upgrading the 
     probe from 2.0x to 2.2x and the probe does not upgrade the NimRecorder to NimRecorder 5.2. Navigate to 
    <Nimsoft Installation drive>/Nimsoft/probes/Application/e2e_appmon/install
     and double-click the 
     for installing it manually.
 If you are upgrading the e2e_appmon from earlier wintask probe, refer the e2e_appmon probe 2.0 documentation or earlier.
Known Issues and Workarounds
Symptom: (On Version 2.40) 
The NimRecorder version 6.0 is not supported on Firefox.
 No workaround available.
Symptom: (On Version 2.30)
 On your IM on a Windows system, sometimes the probe GUI might not open or might not respond. To fix this issue, create an environment variable on the Windows system from where you are accessing the IM.
Follow these steps:
  1. Right-click on 
    My Computer
     and select 
  2. Click 
    Advanced System Settings
     to open the 
    System Properties
  3. Click 
    Environment Variables
    , and then click 
     to add a new variable. Specify the following details for the 
    New User Variable
      Variable name
      Variable value
      : AES_128_COMPAT
  4. Click 
     and exit from System Properties.
  5. Restart the 
    Nimsoft Robot Watcher
     service after you set the environment variable.