ems (Event Management Service) Release Notes

The ems probe is a core event and alarm management service for CA UIM.
Revision History
Support cases might not be visible to all customers.
(Included in UIM 20.3.0)
  • Updated the probe version to be in sync with UIM 20.3.0.
September 2020
(Included in UIM 20.1.0)
  • Updated the probe version to be in sync with UIM 20.1.0.
March 2020
What's New:
  • (10.20 HF1) Fixed an issue in which USM pages, reports, and dashboards were slow after upgrading to CA UIM 9.0.2. (Support Case: 01234697)
  • (10.20 HF2) Fixed an issue in which the ems probe was not starting after upgrading to CA UIM 9.0.2 in an HA environment. An additional property (ha_address) is now available in the ems probe to configure the secondary hub address where HA is deployed. Therefore, to apply the hotfix, deactivate ems, deploy the hotfix, start ems, update the HA address in the ha_address parameter, and restart ems. (Support Case: 01243139)
  • Fixed an issue in which ems on the primary hub was failing to start when the HA probe 1.45 was active on the secondary hub. (Support Case: 01237349)
  • (10.20 HF3) This hotfix provides the following fixes and enhancements:
    • Fixed an issue in which UMP was not loading alarms and was staying in the loading state. (Support Case: 01280212)
    • Fixed an issue in which alarms were not getting forwarded from CA UIM to CA Spectrum. (Support Case: 01280212)
    • Made maximum active connections (max_active_pool_connections) and idle database connections (max_idle_pool_connections) parameters configurable. (Support Case: 01280212)
    • Upgraded Apache commons-pool2 and commons-dbcp2 to the 2.6.0 versions to resolve the memory leak issues in the library. (Support Case: 01280212)
    • Enhanced the ems logging to check the number of database connections the probe is using. (Support Case: 01280212)
    • Printing thread ID in the ems logs to capture the stack trace of each request. (Support Case: 01280212)
    • Printing alarm IDs of alarms that are returned to CA Spectrum during the incremental sync. (Support Case: 01280212)
    • Fixed an issue in which users were getting read time-out with the maintenance_mode probe. To resolve this issue, the maintenance_mode_cmd_timeout value in the ems configuration was increased to 180000 ms. (Support Case: 01245017)
      This hotfix is not applicable on CA UIM 8.5.1 if it is using the Microsoft SQL Server database and the Windows authentication mode for authentication.
  • (10.18 HF2) Fixed an issue in which the alarm console was not updating alarms. The ems probe was also stopping after some time. (Support Case: 01151288)
  • Resolved an issue where the ems probe was not working. The probe was restarting itself once a minute, getting a new PID, not getting a port, and then creating a 250 MB MDUMP file. (Support Case: 01305917)
  • Updated the probe as part of addressing the common vulnerabilities and exposures by updating the jackson-databind libraries. For more information and CVE numbers, see Addressing Jackson Vulnerabilities.
  • CA UIM 9.2.0 has adopted OpenJDK 8u212 instead of Oracle JDK. Because of this change, CA UIM 9 SP1 (9.1.0) that was using Oracle JDK (JRE) 8u212 is no longer available and has been removed from the Support site. All the functionality that was included in 9.1.0 is now released as part of CA UIM 9.2.0. Consequently, all references to the 9.1.0 release and the probe version 9.10 (released with it) have also been removed from this probe documentation. We recommend that you move to this version 9.20 of this probe, as the previous version 9.10 is no longer available now. For more information about the OpenJDK usage in CA UIM, see  Adopting OpenJDK.
August 2019
What's New
  • ems is now HA aware/compliant for failover.A new parameter “isprimary” has been added to the ems probe. By default, when the ems probe is running on the Primary hub, this is set as True. When the failover happens and ems is running on the secondary hub, the parameter ‘isprimary = false’.
  • Updated this probe as part of addressing CVE-2018-13820 and CVE-2018-13819 vulnerabilities in CA UIM 9.0.2.
  • Updated this probe as part of removing known security vulnerabilities in CA UIM 9.0.2 by using the upgraded MariaDB components.
October 2018
What's New
  • Updated this probe as part of supporting TLS v1.2 in CA UIM for establishing secure communication with the UIM databases: Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.
June 2018
What's New
  • Periodic DB Cache refresh
  • Action Manager using ems embedded database (MapDB) instead of main UIM database to improve performance
  • Rules are no longer sorted by weight
  • Enable/Disable rules without passing the full rule definition
  • Enabled dynamic loading of ems.cfg file changes without a restart. This makes it possible to change ems configuration settings while running ems without disrupting existing queues.
  • All open alarms of EMS which are stored in ems embedded database (MapDB) will be synchronized to UIM database (nisdb)
  • Upgrading from ems 9.x to 10.17 requires deleting the cache. See Installation Considerations below for procedures.
    : nas (Alarm Server) v9.00 is a prerequisite, for upgrading to ems v10.17. If you are using an earlier version ofnas, please upgrade tonas 9.00.
Fixed Defects
  • EMS no longer returns a NullPointerException when an alarm id is given in the close alarms call but that alarm id no longer exists.
  • Corrected an issue in which a webservices_REST alarms call returned the same time for both
    . The call now returns the correct timestamp for each parameter.
    Support Case: 715331
  • Corrected behavior so that the EMS configuration setting Enable UIM DB Alarm Sync remains selected after a page refresh in the configuration window.
    Support Case: 751590
  • The webservices_REST calls now support regular expressions on alarm filters.
    Support Case: 738122
  • During increased concurrent activity in UMP and UIM, EMS alarm requests are sent rather than backed up in the queue.
  • Corrected misspelled pathnames in the UIM installer that prevented EMS from starting.
    Support Case: 739367
  • Fixed an issue in which, when UIM is installed in a path that contains
    instead of
    (for example:
    ), EMS failed to start.
    Support Case: 00739367
  • Fixed an issue in which files and directories in
    were not deleted per the retention schedule.
    Support Case: 00728785
March 2018
What's New
  • Added the Action Manager rule catalog. The Action Manager allows you to:
    • Act onalarms using defined filter criteria
    • Close alarms
    • Schedule alarm actions
    • Send emails
  • Added the
    class to the ems alarm API. The CsvCache class contains methods that provide convenient access to reference data that is stored in CSV files.
  • Added the
    method to the ems alarm API.
  • Updated the ems probe configuration with the
    Enable UIM DB Alarm Sync
    UIM DB Alarm Sync Interval (Seconds)
  • Updated the ems probe to contain the nas_api_service. Because of this update, the ems probe is now required to view alarm data in USM. Also, the ems probe is now deployed automatically as part of CA UIM installations or upgrades. No reconfiguration of thenasprobes in your environment is required as a result of this change.
    A version of the nas_api_service is still contained within the trellis probe to maintainbackwards compatibility with pre-8.5.1 ticketing gateway probes.
  • Revised the fields that are generated by alarm lifecycle messages.
Fixed Defects:
  • Improved performance when closing alarms.
    Support Case 00582161.
  • Fixed an issue in which
    not equal to null
    alarm filters could result in an
    Support Case 00526282.
  • Fixed an issue in which the change time on an alarm was not updated when the custom property values were set.
    Support Case 00591348.
  • Fixed an issue in which incorrect dates would appear for ems alarms viewed in Infrastructure Manager.
    Support Case 00612935
  • Fixed an issue in which the following error would intermittently appear in USM
    Support Case 00484427
    USM Error: javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.exception.LockAcquisitionException: could not execute query
February 2017
Fixed Defects:
  • Alarm messages that contain incorrect dates and cannot be closed nolonger appear in Infrastructure Manager when the
    Send NAS-style Lifecycle Messages
    is selected.
    Support Cases 918445, 168098.
  • ACL alarm filters that contain any condition that does
    not equal
    a null value no longer generate an exception in USM for account contact users.
    Support Case 934498
December 2016
Fixed Defects:
  • Improved search performance in USM when a large amount of alarm data is present.
September 2016
This version of ems is available as part of the CA UIM 8.4 SP1 release.
Fixed Defects:
    • The ems probe now supports event rate rules (Time Over Threshold and Time to Threshold) configured inAdminConsole.
    • The <eventTypes> element can now support multiple <eventType> child elements.
June 2016
What's New:
  • Initial GA release of the ems probe.
Jan 2016
Probe-Specific Hardware Requirements
The ems probe has the following hardware requirements.
Storage Requirements
The ems stores data in .csv files in the following location on the Primary Hub Server:
After deployment, monitor this folder to ensure that you have sufficient disk space for your alarm data. You can also change the data retention period in the ems probe GUI to save disk space. By default, transaction history for the ems probe is stored for 30 days.
Probe-Specific Software Requirements
The ems probe must be installed on a Primary Hub running CA Unified Infrastructure Management Server version 8.4 or later.
Installation Considerations
The ems probe available for deployment from the archive in either Admin Console or Infrastructure Manager.
To upgrade to 10.17 from 9.x, follow these steps, on the primary hub server:
  1. Deactivate the ems probe.
  2. Delete the ems db folder from the following location:
  3. If CA UIM is integrated with CA Spectrum:
    1. Deactivate the spectrumgtw probe.
    2. Delete SpectrumAlarmsCache.dat and UimAlarmsCache.dat from
      . Also, clear EMS/NAS alarms from the CA Spectrum oneclick console. You can filter by the column “Source” to identify the EMS/NAS alarms.
  4. Deploy the latest version of the ems probe.
  5. Activate the ems probe.
  6. Activate the spectrumgtw probe (If CA UIM is integrated with CASpectrum).
Known Issues
This section describes the known issues and workarounds, if any, for the ems probe.
(ems 10.20 or later) :
ems probe fails to start on secondary hub. Unable to delete db cache.
By default, when ems is setup in HA probe, and ems on primary goes down, the db cache is automatically cleared before the ems probe is up on secondary hub. This is done to avoid duplication of alarms
If the db cache is not cleared automatically, when starting ems on secondary hub, and if isprimary = false on primary hub ems;  probe fails to start and you get an error
stating unable to delete db
Do the following:
Navigate to \Nimsoft\probes\service\ems\db, delete the db folder, and restart the probe.
(ems 8.50 or Earlier) Field Inconsistency Between ems and nas
lifecycle messages generated by the nas probe contain the
table property. In ems, the same property is called
Alarms Do Not Support Correlations or Correlation Extensions
You cannot add a correlation or correlation extension to an alarm message. To group instances of an alarm message, apply the
elements to the associated event rule.
Some Fields Not Emitted in Legacy Alarm Lifecycle Messages
The following fields are not emitted in the legacy alarm lifecycle messages that are generated by the
Send NAS-style Lifecycle Messages
option in ems:
  • Custom fields 1-5
  • User tags 1-2
If you are using a gateway probe that depends on these fields, configure the Alarm Routing Service to route those alarm messages to nas.
Garbled Non-ASCII Characters in Alarm Messages
I see garbled characters in alarm messages.
By default, UTF-8 is the encoding that is used for incoming messages to the ems probe. Because of this, you might see garbled non-ASCII characters in the alarm messages of probes that are not using UTF-8 encoding.
The workaround for this issue depends on the probes that you are using:
  • Some probes contain a GUI option that allows you to select UTF-8 encoding for outgoing messages (For example, logmon or ntevl). In these cases, select UTF-8 from the
    Output Encoding
  • If you are using probes that do not contain the
    Output Encoding
    option (for example, ntservices or processes), you can turn off UTF-8 encoding. UTF-8 encoding must be turned off in the following locations:
    • wasp
    • alarm_enrichment
    • trellis
    • ems
Follow these steps:
  • Turn off UTF-8 encoding in the wasp probe.
    • In Infrastructure Manager, double-click the wasp probe.
    • Click the
    • In the section
      Extra Java VM arguments
      , remove the argument
    • Click
    • Restart the probe.
  • Turn off UTF-8 encoding in the alarm_enrichment, trellis, and ems probes.
    • In Infrastructure Manager, select the alarm_enrichment probe.
    • Right-click and select
    • In the
      field, remove
    • Click
    • Restart the probe.
    • Repeat these steps for the trellis and ems probes.
The Send NAS-style Lifecycle Messages Option Requires ems Probe Restart
If you select the
Send NAS-style Lifecycle Messages
option in the ems GUI, the changes do not take effect until the ems probe is restarted.
The ems Probe Does Not Contain Auto-Clear Capability
Currently, the ems probe does not support auto-clear capability for alarms. If you are using Time Over Threshold with ems, you must manually clear your Time Over Threshold alarms.
Unsupported CA UIM Components
The ems probe does not currently support use of the following components in CA UIM:
  • CA Business Intelligence dashboards
  • Failover using the ha probe
  • Topology and Root Cause Analysis
  • Unified Reports