hp_3par (HP 3PAR Storage Monitoring) Release Notes

The HP 3PAR Storage Monitoring (hp_3par) probe enables you to monitor the following aspects of the HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage systems.
The HP 3PAR Storage Monitoring (hp_3par) probe enables you to monitor the following aspects of the HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage systems.
  • Performance and Scalability
     for the total number of storage transactions being processed every second and the latency of the storage system.
  • Statistical Data 
    for all objects of the storage system as a whole. For example, the configured used and free space information for the storage system.
You can obtain performance and storage utilization statistics on the following storage objects:
  • Controller Nodes
  • Common Provisioning Groups(CPGs)
  • Disk Cages and applicable interfaces, power supplies, and fans
  • Physical Disks
  • Logical Disks
  • Ports
  • Virtual Volumes
  The probe configuration is available only through the Admin Console.
Revision History
This section describes the history of the revisions for this probe.
: Support case(s) may not be viewable to all customers.
What's New:
  • Added the following metrics:
  • Enhanced the following metric to identify if the port is a host, disk, rcip or free port: QOS_PORT_AVAILABILITY
May 2019 (GA)
March 2019 (Beta)
Fixed Defect:
  • The probe logs displayed the password of the server in plain text.
    Support case numbers 816725, 716511
August 2017
What's New:
  • The probe always generates QoS messages for the total capacity of the storage server. For more information about the related metric, see hp_3par Metrics.
Fixed Defect:
  • When a volume listed in the system is renamed, the probe displayed both the renamed as well as the original volume.
    Support case number 610470
July 2017
What's New:
  • Optimized data collection by the probe using SMI-S connection.
Fixed Defects:
  • The probe intermittently generated incorrect alarms.
    Support case number 460996
  • Improved the probe performance.
    Support case number 433600
  • The probe did not validate the port number when connecting to the storage system.
    Support case number 229882
November 2016
What's New:
  • Added support to monitor the following disk cage components:
    • Individual disk cage
    • Interfaces
    • Power Supplies
    • Fans
  • Added a factory template that includes recommended thresholds for availability and operational status monitors in the probe. For more information, see the
    Apply Default Template
    section in hp_3par AC Configuration.
April 2016
What's New:
  • Added support for HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 Storage systems.
September 2015
  • First release of the probe with Admin Console GUI.
  • The probe configuration is available ONLY through Admin Console GUI and NOT through the Infrastructure Manager (IM) GUI.
  • The probe includes the standard static alarm threshold parameters.
June 2015
Probe Specific Hardware Requirements
The hp_3par probe must be installed on systems with the following minimum resources:
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM. The OOB configuration of the probe requires 256 MB of RAM.
  • CPU: 3-GHz dual-core processor 32, or 64 bit
Probe Specific Software Requirements
The hp_3par probe requires the following software environment:
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.2 or later
  • Robot 7.7 or later (recommended)
  • Java JRE version 7 or later
  • Probe Provisioning Manager (ppm) 3.22 or later
  • Install ci_defn_pack version 1.06 or later on the primary hub robot (with nis_server probe) to view the metrics on the USM portal. Restart nis_server after you deploy ci_defn_pack.
Supported HP 3PAR Versions
The probe is certified on the following HP 3PAR versions:
  • HP 3PAR INServ F200
  • HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400, 7440, 8440
Preconfiguration Requirements
You must complete the following procedures to get the performance and storage utilization data using the hp_3par probe:
  • Start the CIM Server
  • Update the NAS probe with the correct subsystem IDs in UIM 8.2
Start the CIM Server
The CIM server is a protocol included with HP 3PAR storage servers to allow SMI-S connections. You must start the CIM server on your system to enable communication between the probe and the HP 3PAR storage system. Use the following command on the HP 3PAR CLI console to enable the CIM services.
# startcim
: To stop the CIM services, use the # stopcim command. To display the overall CIM Server services, use the # showcim command.
Update the NAS Probe
Alarms are classified by their subsystem ID, identifying which part of the system the alarm relates to. These subsystem IDs are kept in a table maintained by the NAS probe. If you are working with CA UIM 8.2, you must add the following subsystem IDs manually using the NAS Raw Configuration menu. However, if you have upgraded to CA UIM 8.31 or later, then you do not have to manually add the following subsystem IDs:
Key Name
Physical Disk
Logical Disk
Virtual Volume
Controller Node
Follow these steps:
  1. Open 
    Raw Configure
     for the
  2. Click 
  3. Add the new key name and value.
  4. Repeat this process for all of the required subsystem IDs.
Ensure that you enter the key names as-is including the period (.) in the end for correct mapping.